Prayers for Pets

Question: Dear Alana, I am very troubled by the cruelty and neglect that I see toward animals. Why do they have to suffer due to human neglect and discard? Are they able to choose their experiences and if they suffer in one lifetime will the next one be better?

I have had to take countless stray dogs and cats to animal shelters that are starving and reproducing and it breaks my heart knowing that they may be euthanized. Am I doing the right thing?

I have two dogs of my own that were discarded and feed many cats in the neighborhood. What else can I do but pray for them. Is there an angel that I can pray to on their behalf?

Thank you for your help, my heart is broken.

Answer: Dear One, thank you so much for bringing forth this beautiful question regarding the nature and relationship of animals and humans upon this beautiful planet.

Your series of questions are very compassionate and contribute awareness by bringing up the co-creative nature of humans and animals. It also inspires becoming more conscious of how to care for them. Thank you for this question.

Before we answer your various questions, I would like to take a moment and share a little bit about the relationship that humans and animals have. Many animals that are now domesticated pets have an agreement to be our messengers. And some animals have agreed to take on the pain of abuse to draw attention to the types of concerns you bring up in your questions. Hopefully, the need for people to learn through such drastic contrast will come to an end eventually. Then we can get to a place of expressing love and joy with all species of animals, as well as all aspects of life.

Let's speak specifically about cats and dogs. Their agreement to be domesticated is one that was birthed through their collective desire to be companions and messengers of love. What is so confusing is that the nature of many humans has been to see themselves as separate and superior to other aspects of life. Therefore, humankind has not yet embraced the respect for all living beings.

Some animals have natures that are willing to be born into a life were they are examples of being abused and discarded. They wish to wake up the human collective and teach us that what we do to another, we also do to ourselves. It does not matter if the other is human, animal, or mother earth herself.

Now, let's address your questions. The reason animals suffer from human neglect and other forms of abuse has to do with our beliefs about superiority and their desire to be our teachers. Humans who are not aware of how to take responsibility for their own lives are unable to see the importance of caring for others, which includes animals. Yes, there is a collective agreement on some level between animals and humans. Until human nature awakens from their dream state and embraces the importance of caring for others, we will continue to see this kind of hardship and contrasting way of teaching us what harm does.

In relationship to your question about animals choosing their experiences, my sense is that to some degree they do. Each animal might choose the individuals that they wish to be with. In a way, certain animals have an angelic intention to be a companion to someone they may have had past experiences with, or someone who they resonate with. In this way there is choice, but I wouldn't say that there is always a choice that the animal makes independently from the collective that dictates they go into a family that is going to abuse them. I would say that the animal makes the choice to serve, and the outcome of what that service is will be created through their interactions with humans. Predestination is always determined by the will of all those involved in co-creation.

Your next question about animals suffering in one lifetime and if it will be better in the next. Yes, animals experience similarly to humans as they also have a soul energy that learns and grows from lifetime to lifetime. It is absurd to think of life without a soul. Yet sometimes humans think that they are the only ones with a soul!

Animals expand through their experiences of living on the planet. Animals can definitely have more enlightened experiences, rather than having to be disposed of and not appreciated in a life, and then have to experience that over and over again as the same type of animal.

I want to mention that since we live in a collective society that is learning how to care and manage the population of domestic animals, there are some solutions that are difficult to work with, such as euthanizing due to overpopulation. The most important thing to remember here is that all life is much more than its physical presence. Just because an animal has changed form, doesn't mean that it ceases to exist.

People can awaken and become better examples of love and care by doing things that support the health and freedom of animals without taking away their will. In each and every moment, it is up humans to learn more about how to be responsible for ourselves as well as those that we care for. By doing the right thing, these examples will eventually evolve into a much better way to manage the population of animals, dogs and cats in particular.

Another thing to remember is dogs and cats had a certain natural rhythm and cycle that they experienced when they were in the wild. Nature manages itself. When humans began to domesticate many animals, it created an interference in a natural order. In another way, animals were willing to be companions to humankind. This is called co-creation, and it has implications for learning for both parties. At the same time, since humans have the ability to destroy animals, it is important that humans wake up and take better care of their fellow friends.

Regarding your question about prayer, a beautiful action that anyone can do is send love both to an individual and the collective of all animals. Sending love brings compassion and adds to the collective awareness of the animal kingdom, as well as the impact we have on each other and animals. Prayer is a beautiful gesture, and it does make a difference.

Yes, angels are definitely willing to help by being beacons of light and they do provide assistance. Animals have their own angels too. In fact, many animals are themselves angels.

Again, thanks for your question. I am hoping that some of Alana's observations have sparked insight into your various questions. If each individual would hold the animals within their hearts, and honor the love that they so willingly give humankind without expectation or attachment, we could transform all of the pain into love.

Thank you, dear one.