Pets and Human Relationships

Question: Hello Alana. Thank you for being here. I have a question regarding pets. My little dog is truly a blessing in my life, and I am wondering about the real function of pets. I have heard that they are emotion buffers for us. But, I sense that they understand more about their function regarding us more than we do about ours with them. I appreciate you.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question about pets. People and pets are a synergistic combination and they compliment each other. Yes, you are correct that we, meaning humans, are learning much more about animals and how they relate to us. Animals often have a greater sense of how they relate to us than we have a sense of how we relate to them.

An animal is a wonderful gift that we give ourselves as we create relationships with them. Animals and pets are often spirit guides that come into body over and over again to be our companions. They sometimes embody as extensions of our spirit guides that are in the non-visible. For example we will have a spirit guide in the non-visible and then an aspect of their intention will come forth within a pet vibration. The pet vibration will assist us by bringing us love, or comfort, or helping us relate to what we are experiencing. They also provide healing. They offer a healing tone and vibration just as nature does when we spend time smelling flowers, leaning against a tree, or picking up stones, for instance. Recognize there is a relationship and a synergy between nature and humans, as well.

What is another delightful aspect about pets is how they can language. They can communicate and we can communicate with them with much more ease than a we can with plant life. A plant offers a different vibration and relationship. It is also definitely capable of sensing and sharing telepathic communication even that which is shared between humans and animals. This occurs on such a subtle level.

Your pets have many senses. They know when you are going to the store, they know when you are coming home from the store, and they can feel your thoughts. They often act out your thoughts, too. They are so connected in thought! In fact, if you could see the way that we communicate with each other in the non-visible you would be greatly excited and surprised by how much information exchanges.

So, pets are often here as our helpers and to bring comfort, no matter what level they are on. What I mean by this is that even the neighbors pet can extend delightful energy. So, it isn't that you have to own them or have them in your home. You can just be around them to feel their effects.

Hopefully this answer provided insight to your question. This is definitely a topic we could talk about in length. But, Alana wanted to give you some of the highlights so that you can understand the complimentary relationship that exists between pets and their owners.

Thank you, dear one.