Releasing Past Life Traumas

Question: I have this fear of suddenly not being able to breathe and dying. There doesn't seem to be a cause for this. Could it be something from a past life that I am remembering? I know realistically this wouldn't just happen for no reason, but I can't seem to be able to get this our of my mind. Maybe this was a trauma left over from a past life. Can you tell?

Hello dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana can feel within you the trigger that brings on this state of being. Often people experience a condition like this because of old memories that get triggered by certain situations or circumstances. Often an unconscious suggestion can bring up this kinds of physical sensation. Of course, this is not your imagination. There is definitely a correlation with a cell memory for an experience to brings about these kinds of symptoms.

Also in the body, there are physiological reasons as well that tie in with the whole nature of events, in this way. Alana suggests that you find ways to release the tension that exists in your body or the anticipation that is built up over a day. Alana also suggests, that perhaps you might want to do some past life exploration. See if you can identify some experiences where you were held tightly or your breath was suppressed. This could create awareness in your mind that will assist in creating an opening for you to release the constriction that lies within your body.

So dear one, go on an exploration and give yourself permission to breathe deeply by releasing the past.

Thank you dear one, for your question.