Karmic Relationships

Question: I have met this young man whom I have been drawn to deeply. I have been told that we have very strong, huge karma together, past lives. Is there a way you can tell me about this? Would you know if we had shared past lives and if so what kind of karmic tie do we have? Thank you so much, Alana.

Answer: Hello dear one! Alana previews your question and yes, can confirm that there is an intention for the two of you to connect in this life. Sometimes we call this karma, yes. Sometimes an intention to connect in a life comes from a desire to explore new possibilities. Sometimes the intention comes from a desire to finish old business and sometimes it comes because the individuals are ready to create new possibilities together.

Alana feels your relationship in other times or in other lives. Alana will discuss the essential information that is important to for you to understand so that clarity is brought forth for you today.

Essentially a life or co-creation that Alana senses is one where this individual taught you about the outer world. He shared with you what is possible and how to create from an intention to manifest something in the outer world. I feel the two of you were quite young. You feel like a female and he feels like a male. You both seem quite similar in age. It feels that he was an eager young male seeking adventure in life and seeking to create a position for him in the world. He wanted to continue to improve his finances and his position. It feels that you adored him and that you were friends. It feels that you had a similar educational background and that you were schoolmates.

Alana senses that he went on his way and made a place for himself in the world and you were held back because of your family position. You had many sisters and brothers to care for and your education brought you to a place where you could help with the family business. Therefore, the two of you lost touch with each other. He became powerful in his own way and moved from the environment where you lived. You were directed to care for your siblings and take a place within you family's business.

This feels essential when Alana senses the qualities that have brought forth connection in this life. Alana feels that he has been an educator to you of possibilities in the outer world and that you again have felt a deep connection. Now it is up to both of you this life, to determine how your relationship will go and how you would like it to evolve. Alana senses that there is no karma here that is really negative. It is more about exploring possibilities. Thank you dear one for your question. I hope that it has brought some awareness to you to give you a sense of clarity and understanding.

Thank you dear one.