Healing Past Life Struggles

Question: Alana, is part of the purpose of this life for me to heal karmic issues with my mother?

Answer: Yes, both you and your mother had this purpose. I feel like there is a part of her that feels like she owed you life. Yet there was a part of you that felt like you were not sure whether or not you wanted to go through the karma of the agreement to birth you for it had gotten botched up before.

It feel as if there were experiences in the past where her needs were stronger and she was self-serving. You were in agreement and you were sacrificed. (I'm not meaning that you were literally sacrificed!) As you know, all is co-creation.

In this life you came together again because you had an agreement to heal the struggles and wounds from that life. Yet, the past was almost repeated again by the resistance within your body of being born and coming into this life. As she took on the role of mother, one part of her was still in her past negative feelings about children. Yet, she knew deep inside that you had to live because she did not have another chance with you. This life was it. You also wanted to heal being her victim.

Question: I'm tempted to ask about the specific details but my inner wisdom recommends I let that go and celebrate the success.

Answer: Yes, you have the essence of the experiences within you and do not need to bring it to full consciousness. Celebrate today, because the two of you have healed your karmic pattern. I wish to acknowledge that the two of you have cleared those past hardships and are relating on a much more equal basis.