Past Life Memories

Question: How can we take advantage of talents that we may have had in a past life? In particular, is there a way to tap into the memory of our artistic abilities and skills without the interference of our conscious mind?

Answer: Thank you for your question. It takes practice to remove the limitations that the conscious mind sometimes places before us. However, I would like to rephrase that a little because the limitations of the conscious mind are there to protect us. So really, they are more like "governors"--like a governor that keeps an engine from going too fast--than limitations.

As we practice channeling our creativity, we always bring in traces of collective information. As we continue to practice our creativity, we get more and more ability to bring forth collective information stored within us. As we begin to feel our creativity moving within a beat--say like a heartbeat, or a rhythm beat--we find this rhythm within ourselves that our creativity channels through.

Yes, we can open a gate. Once we have learned how to open this gate, we can bring forth more, and more, and more information. However, our collective consciousness will always be guided by the governor that our mind, soul, being, nature has placed around the significance of this life. If this life's purpose is to be or have a certain destiny, and if bringing forth this creative information is contrary to that intention, then our governor will protect us from creating the same life that we had before. What I am saying here is that there is a balance to it.

I also feel that your part of your intention with this question is to express your creativity in greater and greater ways. I can tell you that through meditation and learning how to be fully present with all that you are, while still being open to your heart in the way of communicating your heart's openness to vaster resources, you will begin to bring forth greater and greater expressions of yourself.

One thing to remember here is that you are connected to everything. Because you are one, all things--if they are in alignment with your highest and best good--will come through. So yes, you can channel many past life talents, as well as many other vibrations. Nevertheless, always make sure that you ask for that which is essential and that which serves your highest and best good. Then you will be assured that you will bring forth only the goodness within you.

Thank you, dear one.