Past Life Karmic Relationships

Question: Alana, I have a relationship question that I feel has to do with past lives. You see, the man I love is third generation Chinese and I am White. When we began our relationship we never doubted that we were meant to be together. However, his mother has had other ideas. Four years ago she began working over time to break up our relationship. She has almost convinced my boy friend to marry someone of his own race. He is strongly considering doing this in July of this year. He does not love her; she does not love him. It is like a prearranged marriage. I have had a sense that this situation may be a karmic relationship. In past lives maybe we did this before?

My most direct question is will he resolve this issue and follow his heart? Or will we (all three of us) have to go through the pain of him marrying someone he doesn't love? Also, what about the pain his to be wife would have finding out he and I are still in love. And the pain he would have continuing to feel torn in two between his heart and head. Then the pain I would feel having to watch him go through this. Alana, will he find the courage to follow his heart? I guess I'm trying to look at this karmicly. Are we going to be able to have the life we want without anymore pain or interference from his mother?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Alana can feel the dilemma that exists within you and how your heart feels torn by the confusion in the culture of your loved ones. When we come into life we also are birthed into a collective vibration that is part of our race consciousness. It feels that you have been connected with your boy friend in other lives. Yes. It feels that you were from different cities. You had difficulty being together because of the loyalty that was necessary in staying true to the place of your origin. It feels that you have created this dilemma again. This time in a little greater way. In fact you are now dealing with the collective vibration of not only your boy friend's culture, but also the culture's traditions. It feels that your boy friend has a very serious undertaking to break a pattern or a cycle that has existed for many, many, centuries or years.

You know, as we grow in our consciousness and as we expand our spiritual awareness, we realize that we are all connected. We are really all the same before birth and the only way to create peace and wholeness in the planet is to recognize that we are all love.

Also another issue is recognizing that when we suppress an aspect of our individual nature to appease another individual's desires the other individual does not gain anything from our suppression. What they gain is an illusion, because what the benefit will be is resentment, suppression, and a lack of our full nature.

I encourage you and your boyfriend to sit down and examine  the future ahead. Look at the future if you do not follow your heart and what the outcome may be. Look at how the outcome will reinforce, support and give power to the illusion. It will continue to fuel the illusion and build it's velocity of energy. What you spin with, spins with you. What you invite into your life you continue to move through, and work through. You challenge yourself to become conscious of what exists within.

Alana also feels that the mother vibration was like an emperor in a past life. It feels like she had a sense of authority and expected her authority to be carried out. So there is another kind of collective vibration existing between the dynamics of the son and the mother. Alana senses that there are many patterns intertwined.

Rather than going through them all (that just serves the mind in validating that they are true and doesn't create solution) Alana suggests the two of you take a look at what the future will be like if you do not pay attention to your hearts. The truth is, that the only way that we can ever create peace and balance in the world is by supporting our individual natures. As we support our individual expressions,  we add joy to the whole, and as we add joy to the whole everyone benefits.

So, dear one, sit down with each other and look at the worst that could happen. If your relationship was severed imagine what your future would be like. If the relationship stays together love is a vibration that is more powerful than anything else. The love that connects two souls lasts from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. So, consider some of these thoughts and whatever you choose to create will benefit. We learn from what we create. We learn from what we do. We learn from what we express. We learn from what we intend.

Alana feels that we are collectively moving to a time of letting go of struggle and of letting go of suppression. We are getting in touch with our own individuality and turning towards joy and love.

Thank you, dear one, for this delightful question. Just remember as we practice self love we heal the world and ourselves.

Thank you, dear one.