Celtic Past Lives

Question: I feel I'm incredibly drawn to the Celts although I'm of a Phoenician heritage. How can I know if I was Celtic in a past life or anything else? I don't believe my interest in the middle ages is a coincidence as I feel so drawn to celtic music, and history.

Answer: Hello, dear one. Yes, Alana feels that you do have some overlap with the Celtic vibration. Alana would encourage you to perhaps get out your journal and write with your imagination. Write a story. Write thoughts. Express feelings as you get them. Just journal. Journal in a constant flow of information as it comes to you. Then later go back and re-read it. Alana feels that this might assist you in opening a doorway into your being to channel information, to channel what you are tapping into.

It also feels that you have great intuitive abilities and that you are a receiver of much information. Alana feels that as you develop and cultivate your intuition you will find much guidance and information.

Also, dear one, whatever the life we are in at the present moment is the most important one. And it is the one that we are here to express. Embrace your current form and your current life and turn to yourself and within yourself. Ask yourself, "What is it that brings me the greatest joy?" After doing this you may find that one of your greatest pleasures is about expression and about bringing information that is creative and joyful and expressive into this world. Alana feels that the journey you are on in this life will reveal many opportunities for you.

Also, continue your journey with the Celtic vibration. Listen to tones and music and see what this evokes within you and continue to develop your intuition.

Thank you, dear one.