Integrating Inner Parts

Question: I'm doing integration work with my inner parts. What advice do you have to help me understand the intention of these various parts and to utilize them for personal empowerment and effective life skills.

Answer: Celebrate first of all that you are so excited to meet and greet your vastness. Integration of our many aspects--such as inner personalities, parts, and memories--is a grand step towards creating a deeper commitment and focus on love. Your acceptance of all that you are, your embracing of these many parts, and your allowing them a voice, will assist them in integrating and becoming more functional for you.

We have all of our various parts for a reason. Giving them a voice allows them to tell you what their purpose is and how it is they wish to serve you.

Working with your parts is like having many allies that wish to keep you safe and secure. By creating a space for them to express it supports them in aligning with one another. They get to know each other and are more apt to be able to assist you in turning towards love, rather than fueling and fighting with fear. Your inner parts, when allowed to have a voice, will be empowered to serve you more effectively.

So, congratulations and continue recognizing your whole being.

Thank you again.