Mystic Cross

Question: I was wondering what it means to have a "mystic cross" on the palm of my hand. Is it a positive thing, and will it help me find my spiritual self?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for bringing forth your question regarding palmistry. Palmistry is a very ancient vehicle for aligning with an individual and learning about their temperament and their nature.

When an individual has a mystic cross in the palm of their hand it often denotes an individual that is intuitive, has psychic abilities within them, and someone who has a strong awareness of their senses. So, what Alana feels in identifying the cross in your hand, is to confirm to you that your spiritual life is one that will have great significance for you throughout your life. The cross is a sign of an ability to expand spiritually in your life with a sense of purpose.

Some individuals have spirituality that is very much a part of their life, but it does not necessarily take the forefront, and other individuals have a sense of spirituality that directs their life in the way, perhaps, of being more humanitarian in their careers or desires. Alana feels that this has something to do with you. As you go through life you may find more humanitarian directions that bring you joy. These are opportunities to serve and also to be rewarded greatly because of your contribution.

When one has a mystic cross it shows an intuitive ability and a compassionate ability as well. Alana also feels that you are going to learn much about the emotions that run through you, too. The intuition meaning is that your emotions are quite strong and that you feel things quite deeply.

So, dear one, thank you for bringing forth this question. It is a very delightful question. Palmistry is a wonderful tool for identifying temperament and for feeling the qualities that exist in one's nature.

Thank you, dear one.