Numerology Name Changes

Question: I was born a Joanne but always called Joannie. Six years ago, for expediency and a change, I started spelling my name Joni, yet that somehow doesn't seem to fit. My family still spells it the old way (I still recognize that spelling as true). I sign business correspondence Joanne which compounds things as I do not like to be called Joanne or Joan. I would love to get past this silly distraction, once and for all, and would truly appreciate your insight.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. It is fun when we play with our name and feel the vibration of tones that come from the sounds within the letters. Alana feels that what you are sensing is that you have a spiritual name as well. Also you are beginning to explore possibilities so you can tap into a name that feels more unique to who your expression is now.

You see, when we are born we have the vibration that we were birthed into. If you view free numerology online you will gain some understanding of what your individual expression is. You can also use numerology as a tool to explore your name and the different vibrations that it beholds. You can find out more information by tuning into your own imagination and creativity. You then can begin to explore names that feel really good to you.

Perhaps you can find yourself one of the books that are used for choosing the name of a baby being. Read the names and feel them, sense them, and see which ones vibrate for you. Sometimes creating a name change is very appropriate to facilitate a new identity and the new expression that one is moving into. You see, dear one! Explore and play some with the vibrations that feel like you. Alana senses that you will come up with a signature and a vibration that feels very good to you.

Nicknames are quite fun as well, because they capture our playfulness and the child within us too. They invoke a lighter sense of our nature. It feels that there is a signature you could use for business. Yes, it could be a representation of you in the business world. But, Alana feels that you are going to discover a fun name that represents the playfulness in you now. So have fun!

It is fun to use numerology as a guiding tool. It will be a fun creative project for you.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.