Deep in Debt

Question: Alana, I am a 41 year old Scorpio. I am in need of a another vehicle very badly. I am in desperate financial trouble and deep in debt. I need to know if I will receive enough money or financial assistance to help me get a new vehicle. I am the only means of support my family has. Please tell me if I will receive enough money within 25 days to get another van. Please tell me if my financial problems will end soon. Thanks

Answer: Hello, dear one. Alana appreciates your question. What feels so interesting about your question is that it is filled with complexity and a vibration of concern. Yes, Alana has much compassion for your state of being. This complexity gives Alana a desire to connect with much love and encourage you to begin each day with a routine where you focus on what is in your life that pleases you. Make this a mantra. The reason for this is, we manifest in our lives that which we dwell on. In listening to your question Alana feels that much of your day's attention is focused on confusion, worry, and concern. And, rightly so. It does exist within your life.

But, the way to transform your life and to manifest a vehicle in this short period of time is to take the same amount of energy that you focus on worry and channel it in a direction of knowing that you can bring the funds and resources to you to manifest a car instantaneously if you believe it.

So, I challenge you, dear one, to use your delightful Scorpio vibration and energy that is so incredibly powerful to redirect your thoughts and your intention toward possibility. You see, if you created this much chaos can you imagine what you can create when you consciously direct and channel your energy? So, dear one, use that beautiful power and concentration of energy within you and begin each day to look at possibility. Fuel your life by seeing what is.

Acknowledge what you want. Spend more time turning towards possibilities then you do dwelling and worrying about what isn't. Yes, what isn't is there to be embraced, but take it to the next step. Embrace it and say, "I am without, but what I want is to be with. Thank you for noticing what isn't and now I choose to turn towards what is."

Alana wishes you well. I know within you that you have the capability and the power to turn your financial situation around because you can create. Thank you, dear one.