Manifesting Through Intention

Question: What spiritual guidance can you give me to facilitate the full manifestation of my vision to bring a wonderful environmental product to all of the Hawaiian islands?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Alana is delighted to hear from you and to have such a beautiful question brought forth. Alana feels in your nature a desire to serve and a desire to bring about an environment that has a sense of well being. What a grand intention to have, especially when Alana senses that this intention is also part of your mission or part of your personal nature. Alana senses within you that you wish to heal others as you wish to heal yourself. How can one go wrong with a grand intention as this?

How one can go wrong? If one ponders in doubt, if one ponders in scarcity, or if one ponders in lack of self-love! If one ponders there with a greater majority than one ponders possibility, then the lack will be the creation. The only reason Alana brought this up was to communicate to you how much you have grown, how much you have learned, and how clear your nature is becoming. I wish to point you to a place within yourself where you can discern and distinguish the difference between who you are today and what you felt in the past. Alana wishes to embrace within you the knowingness of who you are. Charge that knowingness and fuel it continually, in the way that you have been. By doing so, Alana senses that you will be quite successful.

Keep your imagination in the present moment. When you feel yourself being filled with enthusiasm and when you feel yourself being filled with vision pull all of that energy into the present moment and ground it into your body and into your being. That will begin to fuel your reservoir. It will fuel the life force vitality and energy within you. This will assist you in carrying out your vision.

Now to give you more definition, just keep your intentions clear. When doubt comes in, ask yourself what is the doubt pointing you to. Create a greater definition of who you are and then take a step forward. Continue with your meditation; continue with your breathing. Your vision is grand. It is a collective vision and you will also gain momentum and energy from those around you who share in this vision simultaneously. Alana sees success for you. Alana sees that you have turned a corner. Alana sees that you are beginning to see yourself more vibrantly. You are seeing yourself as an instrument of love, as an instrument of god's force and holding this within you, your success is assured. Your mission externally may change from time to time with in your life. What you may be working with may change. But, that is quite ok. It is your greater intention that is the most magnificent and is the most important. Continue doing as you are and holding your enthusiasm. You will be provided for. Alana thanks you for your question and hopes this brought you some light.