Empowering our Destiny

Question:About five years ago I had a palm reading. The reader told me that between the ages of twenty-eight and thirty there was going to be a major life change. She did not know what it would be. She also said that I would be coming into some money. I am now twenty-seven and would like to know if you foresee anything like that happening in my life. Can you predict the future?

Hello dear one. Thank you very much for bringing forth your question to Alana. Alana wishes to respond by acknowledging that it looks like you did make some decisions to create changes in your life around the age of twenty-eight. It feels around twenty-eight or twenty-nine. It feels like a time that you might move. You might decide to make a change in your life that could lead you into a new vocation as well as a new area. This is something that I can sense in your energy.

I do feel that prosperity can come to you, yes. But, I also feel that part of your nature is learning how to understand your own capabilities and powers that are within. You are learning how to manifest. In other words, I do sense some changes. I also feel along with these changes you will gain a clearer understanding of how you draw things into your life. How you bring things into your life and how you create your reality. Therefore, Alana wishes to empower you to think more clearly about what it is that you would like to create and hold a vision. This kind of action is for personal empowermen . The reason Alana is mentioning this is because since change is coming your way, you might as well empower it to be the most positive and most generous as it can be. The more you hold an intention and hold a thought for your changes to be magnificent, the more the universe knows how to come into you and deliver this to you. So think big, think expansive, and be clear.

Now what else Alana wishes to say is that I am feeling that you will be making some decisions about family. It feels that you will be making some decisions as to what you feel the relationships in your life mean to you and your values around family and children. Think about this as well. Keep a clear intention. Know what you want. Sort through your nature, be honest with yourself, and then hold your vision and breath deeply.

Of course no one can predict your future. It is possible to sense possibility, but you create your own destiny.

Thank you dear one for your question.