Question: I am contemplating making a change and am considering two jobs. One direction pays well and allows me to be near my friends. The other is only freelancing and doesn't even pay my bills, but allows me to spend time with my mom, write, and take photos. I love where I live and my friends, but the pace is kind of scary. Any guidance? Thanks!

Answer: Hello, dear one, thank you for your question. Your question is interesting because in it Alana senses that your nature feels it has to settle for less than what you really want. Your nature has two possibilities and is weighing and balancing each of them. What if there was a third, fourth, or fifth possibility? What if there were an infinite number of possibilities? Then perhaps you would not have to settle for less than you can create.

What Alana is encouraging you to do is to make a choice, but in making this choice keep your mind open. Keep your dreams alive. Keep your visions as possibilities. Continue to redefine, express, get in touch with, and explore what your ideal situation may be.

Perhaps it would be an opportunity for you to travel back and forth. Perhaps it would be an opportunity for you to do something creative along with the ease of seeing your mother when you wanted. In other words, keep playing with your nature and ask yourself if you had an ideal life what might it look like.

Once you receive some answers to this question, continue to explore. As you gain insight and receive a clearer definition of what is exciting for you and brings you joy, fuel those dreams. Fuel those visions by seeing yourself participating in them. See yourself attracting these qualities as if you were a magnet. By doing this you will recognize the polarity within you, as it exists now, and you will decide to open to greater possibility. Always surrender to what excites you most. When you turn toward that which makes your heart feel full, your being has the ability to fully express. Joy and creativity in full expression is our divine right.

So play with this, dear one. Thank you!