Synchronicity Isn't Always as Appears

Question: I was lead through a vision quest last summer to get directions from a woman. The vision quest actually became real in a bazaar Indiana Jones type of adventure to journey to this person. I keep getting very strong connections to work with this person but the other person does not seem to get similar messages. What do you suggest be done with these experiences (meeting new people) that are very powerful, very synchronistic, magical but seem to dead end?

Answer: First of all recognize that experiences really do not dead end. Because there is meaning in it for you and within you. What Alana means is you have insights, you gather more information, you have a greater sense of knowing, and greater sense of understanding. There is a connection. Yes. Now, sometimes we find that the inner journey is as significant as the outer journey. Sometimes we find that we do continue to unravel experiences and we do continue to grow on other planes of existence.

Perhaps your Indiana Jones experience is still continuing, on other planes, in other dimensions and you are getting glimpses of that. Do not consider it to be a dead end and please do not consider it to be insignificant. Just allow yourself to release your expectations and then see what shows up. Sometimes there is a possibility, when we have an expectation to see something in a certain way, that it therefore does not create the room for little miracles or big miracles.

By enjoying what you are receiving and by having gratefulness for what you have received will create spaces for more to come in new ways. It may be that you will find another experience following the heels of this experience. Be open see what shows up. You may be greatly surprised by what you bring forth, by what you attract, and by who, where and why it happens. You are still on your vision quest. It is just manifesting in ways that you don't know yet.

Thank you for your question.