Question: Alana, for the past few months I was feeling centered and able to manifest. Right now I feel rather lost and down and the manifesting is not happening. What do I have to do to turn it around again quickly?

Answer: Thank you so much for bringing forth your question. In your question I feel a lot of emotion--a lot of sadness. I also feel a sense of acknowledgment and a sense of self-love. Therefore, I wish to acknowledge that you have become more conscious of your desires, your dreams, and aspirations and have a greater awareness of what will bring joy into your life. Please recognize and spend some time acknowledging these qualities within yourself.

The dilemma that you are in--within this question--is what you might call a growth spurt. When we have a shift that occurs within our nature, we often experience a huge advancement. Then there is the period of time for integration and adjustment. Often, this phase can look like we are not manifesting or that things have ceased to move forward. This is what we could call the space between the words. It is the space that is necessary for things to make sense. So, during the time that you are within this space, continue to hold your faith. Faith was created for the purpose of holding an intention when we are within these spaces. Remember that you are just within a space.

Time is a wonderful tool to assist you in strengthening your energy, along with showing compassion to yourself. Keep your faith by deliberately acknowledging your accomplishments and continuing to imagine with all of your senses. What would you desire to bring forth in your next breath, in your next step, in your next moment? Hold that thought even though it may not look like it is manifesting yet.

In the meantime, you will probably hear doubts and you may have some confusion. When this occurs, embrace them and say: "Thank you doubt and confusion because with you I am going to learn more about myself. As I learn more about myself, I will have another way to give compassion to myself."

Once you have moved through embracing the doubt--once you have allowed it to just be--then keep your faith. Bring your tribulations, doubts, and confusions into your heart. If you like, do a symbolic physical ritual of gathering all of your troubles with your hands and then placing all of them into your heart. You can then feel your heart dissolve them. As you do this, take in a big breath...and then release all your dissolved troubles. In the next instance, think of your desired reality. You will find that your manifestation will begin again.

Congratulations for being in the space between the words. This means that what is to follow is another grand word. The word that I see is celebration. Thank you, dear one.