Finding Life Purpose Direction

Question: Alana, four months ago I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do in my life. I believe that we create our own reality and that when we are in alignment with our destiny, doors open smoothly and opportunities flow our way.

However, now I am confused. It appears all my plans and dreams have fallen apart. How do I know the difference between my fears being obstacles or my dreams needing to be readjusted? I feel "cut off" from my own guides and am not sure if the information I do get is "real". In addition, I stopped having fun with it all. What insights do you have about how to get back on track?

Answer: Dear one, in listening to your question and your thoughts, I hear many different parts of you expressing and wondering what to do to bring about your desired reality. As I feel all these many different parts of you needing direction, how about creating a place for them to practice your desired reality? They can then get a sense of how they will "be" when your reality comes about. This will bring comfort to these parts, since your question seems to be asking:

  • "How do I discern between what is my destiny and what is occurring when my destiny does not seem to appear before me?"
  • "Is fear getting in the way of creating clarity?"

A way to create clarity with this situation is to begin by trying on your shoes! In other words, walking your talk. Now your mind may say, "How can I walk my talk if I am not manifesting it yet?" This leads to sitting in quandary and waiting for manifestation to take place. If you find you are doing this, then you are telling the universe that you like to wait for manifestation. Therefore, you get more waiting for manifestation.

How about if you create experiences to gather evidence and knowledge of what your different parts are feeling by creating replicas of your desired reality.

Practice doing what your desired reality might look like

Practice doing what your reality might feel like.

Practice doing what your reality may sense like.

That way you will receive clear evidence and information through the motion of moving toward your goal. You will also have opportunity to notice if your fears are in operation.

You see, when we want something and we express gratefulness, what do we get? We get more of that for which we expressed gratefulness. Since you want to create a certain destiny, you must begin to move towards that destiny by practicing it. Now if you practice your destiny as only preparing for it, then guess what you get? Just more preparation! You get to organize more, you get to create more ways in which you can prepare, etc. Therefore, you have expressed your destiny as a desire to prepare.

Here's another thing that people do. Say you want to create a business and there are many things to do to get that business started. There are cards to make, you need to publicize and contact people and let them know what you do. My question is, "Is that really doing your business?" No, that is preparation for doing your business.

So what I suggest is to look at how you spend your time. Ask yourself how much time you spend in front of others doing what you intend and how much time you spend in preparation. By asking this question, you are going to see more of what you are going to receive.

You may ask yourself, "How do I then find ways to do my business if people do not show up?" Then you can say, "Well, which thought do I choose to serve?" Of course, you are going to say, "I choose to serve the thought that people are before me each and every moment. I can work with those people easily and effortlessly". That way, you begin the ball moving. This creates a magnetic energy which gets things in motion--you draw to you more people, and more people, and more people, and then you begin to build a velocity of energy. This energy creates more, creates more, and creates more.

If you express that you have to wait, you will receive more waiting. If you express:

"I love to create and I am doing it this moment. Each person that comes before me, let us interact in this way. If they are so willing, so be it."

With thoughts such as this you will attract more creative interactions and you will manifest the deepest desires of your heart. You will have taken this series of actions and turned your confusion and doubt into movement. Through your movement you will judge, discern, and then create.