Finding Career Motivation and Passion

Question:Dear Alana, I believe that in order to be good at something, you need to be passionate about it. I have not been passionate about anything in a long time, especially when it comes to my job. How can I become more passionate about my career, and things in general? Could you please help with a little personal coaching on how I can be more effective and motivated. Thank you.

Dear one, Alana suggests that in order for you to become more connected to the passion that lies within you take some time to examine the various things in your life. Gather a greater understanding of your interpretation of response ability. What parts of your nature that might hold you back from self discovery.

Get yourself a journal, or a book, or a spiral notebook, something in which you write in. Then begin devoting a little time each day to dreaming. As you sit with your paper, take your pen out and begin to imagine. It does not matter what you imagine. Just begin to write down things that would be fun to do. Write down things that would be fun to create. Write down things that would be fun to participate in. And write down places you would like to go and experiences you would like to have.

Alana is encouraging you to invoke the inner realms of your heart to begin coming out to express in greater ways. Through journaling each day discover... note the things that come to mind, that come to thought, and what feelings you would like to ponder, and write about these things. This will start to move your energy and begin to help you get in touch with your passion.

Now, as you write you can also do some complaining in your journal! You can complain about this, or complain about that. After you get done complaining, you writings will begin to invoke your imagination and solutions will begin to occur. Alana feels that this process will begin to help you get in touch with your inner nature, and get out what is deep within you. It will expose your mind to inner knowledge that will help you realize possibilities.

So, as your being begins to realize that there are possibilities, then your response abilities will expand and broaden. They will begin to capture and bring to mind more possibilities that you can begin to turn towards. Then, you will find yourself planting seeds like a gardener who has a handful of seeds and spreads them about. Then you can see which ones pop up and which ones you will want to water and nourish a bit more.

So, dear one, your passion is within you. It is just eager and waiting for you to invoke it. Then, as you do this, many possibilities will spring up for you. It then becomes a matter of choice.

Thank you, dear one, for your wonderful question.