Manifesting Our Dreams - Creating Environments That Support Our Path

Question: Hello Alana. I just wish to know where to find that dream. You know the one we all had as a child. Well, I am a skilled Reiki II level. I live in a very small town and literally have no way of starting a self employment Reiki center, due to no money. What do I do? I dislike this little backwards town. I'm just tied down here. No car, no money, really just stuck here. I've been here 2 years. I have healed a lot in my heart, and I want to heal others, no one will let me though. What do I do? Thank you for you time. I need a little advice from someone. My family just doesn't understand Reiki and my feelings.

Answer: Hello dear one. Thank you for your question. This is a question we could discuss it is very multifaceted. What I am going to try to do is cover the essentials that I feel are important.

First of all, recognize dear one, that we become conditioned by our environment. If our environment believes in lack and limitation then this begins to spin in our vibration. We begin to adopt this and believe it as well. What happens is we lose our sense of power. We forget that we are powerful, creative individuals who create our own destiny.

The first thing you can do is begin to look at your thoughts. See what thoughts you have adopted into your own belief system, because they exist outside of your self. Then, look within yourself and see what your true thoughts are. In doing your healing technique (Reiki), you already know that you are a channel and a vehicle bringing infinite energy, light, love, vitality and abundance through you. You already know that this is a truth and that it is a reality.

Now take this same kind of energy and ask for it to come through you in designing and creating your life. Then get out of your way. In other words, look at your thoughts during the day and see when you have thoughts of limitation and lack. When you catch yourself with these thoughts, say "Thank you thoughts for thinking these thoughts. But now I am going to see abundance. I know I am a channel to bring abundance forth."

You can also begin to expand your circle of influence. Begin to ask yourself where you can meet some new friends. Or find a a circle within your town of individuals that have similar beliefs. Begin to spin with their vibration in the way of encouraging each other. You could even create a support group or a group for doing visualization, meditation, or practicing intuition. You could gather together and help reinforce each other's dreams. Because, when you have two or more gathered with an image it is quite powerful.

Another thing you could do, dear one, is begin to do some self-exploration. Really ask yourself by beginning to write down images of things you want to create in your life. Create specific goals. Create desires. Get very specific about what you would like to create and make a declaration, Then let it go and then see what shows up each day. See what you begin to attract that is in alignment with these vibrations and in alignment with these ideas. This will begin to expand opportunities so they can begin to come to you.

With these steps you will really begin to change your life. As you do these things, your life will begin to change. In other words things that were distant possibilities will gradually become probabilities. With the concentration of thought, attention and desire that you blend with your body, you will create stronger probabilities. You will then begin to manifest what you want. You will find that you can bring to you a vehicle, and you can bring people to you who can help you. You may find that a new door could open, maybe to go to a new town where people with like minds exist. In other words, opportunity is endless and you can really create anything you want.

Thank you dear one, for this wonderful question.