Manifesting Abundance

Question: I have never truly learned the secrets of abundance or experienced a consistent wealth or richness in my life, yet I feel that these gifts in all their forms are there for me.

My question for Alana is this: How do I vision a mental image of what I wish to demonstrate, without forming an attachment or expectation to the outcome?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana is excited to share a wonderful wealth building formula that will support you in manifesting on many levels.

Manifestation is an interesting subject. The secrets to abundance definitely have much to do with the amount of vibrancy, creativity, allowing, and willingness that we bring through our being. The more we surrender to doing the things we like to do, the more vibrancy and creativity that moves through us.

Abundance is something that manifests in direct relationship to the energy that channels through us. Alana agrees that the universe knows much more greatly how to bring abundance to us than we could know through our thoughts and minds.

What you can do, dear one, is create images of things that would delight you. Then, turn what you imagine over to the universe by saying:

"Universe, please bring me this or something better. Bring me something that is in alignment with my highest and best good."

You see, sometimes we think because we put effort in one direction that our reward will come through the same direction. But this is not necessarily the way it occurs. Sometimes we can put a lot of energy into a direction--for example, a particular job. Through this job we may be receive minimum pay. But if we have passion doing this job--because we are contributing to the goodness of all--our passion will create a velocity of energy. Our paycheck for this job might look slight, but since our passion is so vast and we are feeling so good, the universe will read this feeling and respond.

The universe says:

"Wow! This person is feeling love, they are feeling alive, and they are feeling good. Now, let's take that energy and bring it back to them!"

And now forms of abundance will come. But perhaps it will come in other ways than imagined. It will come in ways that the universe can find to channel to you with the greatest of ease.

So, to answer your question, dear one, you can create symbols. An example of something you could express is:

"Universe, I would really like to have a beautiful piece of land with tall trees and a little stream; a place I could call my home. I would like to hear the birds sing. I would like to see animals feel at home there."

In other words, really tune into your five senses and bring in the physical and emotional elements. Play with it, and then say:

"Thank you universe, I want more! I want more, and I am so delighted and happy to know that I deserve. However you choose to bring this to me, I trust that it will be for my highest and best good!"

Now bring this energy into your heart with the expectancy that you have been heard. Make sure that the images, words, and feelings you have created within your mind's eye and within your heart are very clear.

Now, let it go. Let the image go with a feeling of glee and joy, knowing that the universe knows how to maneuver energies in great ways so that manifestations will come back to you. Then continue doing the things that you do each day.

Eventually, you will find when a great percentage of your day is focused with clarity, and you are sending out clear images, while turning towards that which you choose to create (rather than reacting or fearing what you do not have), then you will find that things, inch by inch, and bit by bit, will begin to manifest in your life. As you build velocity and build energy, and as you build synergy with the elements, you will find that the pace picks up. You will have more and more evidence, and more attraction for prosperity in all its forms will occur.

This question is about vision. It is about holding energy in your heart. It is about having faith. It is about clarity. It is about trust. It is about expectancy.

It is about the willingness to let go and allow yourself to anticipate possibilities.

Thank you so much for this wonderful question. Alana will vision along with you. Thank you, dear one.

-- Alana