Karma and Power

Question: I have recently entered into a contract with a woman who claims to be a "white witch". She says she can have my former lover, whom I love dearly, returned to me and have him commit to me. Am I being duped? She asked for a pretty hefty sum of money to buy "tools"? I believe in the power of the universe, but am unsure if I should believe in or trust this woman. Can you help? Thank you.

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana feels the love that exists within you. I also feel the desire in you to receive love from the individual that you are wanting back into your life. Alana also feels, that you have the power within you, to create whatever you desire.

Creating an alliance with another individual to will another against their own free will creates karma. It creates a dependency on individuals outside of oneself. Yes, perhaps this individual does have some mystical powers, but Alana wants to encourage you to create from your own abilities. Because, you have just as much power, and even more to direct your life than creating a dependency on another.

Also recognize that within our lives we receive that which we think about. In other words, dear one, if you want to receive love, meditate on love. See yourself receiving love, and see yourself giving love. Create a meditation daily about what would like to receive. You have all the power within you to bring love into your life. If you wish to see love with this individual, go ahead and have that person be the individual that you meditate on. But, always ask for this or something better. You see?

Sometimes we have a limited perspective about what is possible in our life. Sometimes our egos get involved, our natures get involved, and we try to create an image of what we think we should have. When really, what wants to occur is much more. So, Alana encourages you to recognize that you have all the power within you to create whatever you want in your life.

First begin by getting clear. Clearly define what you would like to receive. Hold an image of what you would like, and then always ask for this or something better. You can create an image of someone that you might feel could fulfill your dreams. What happens sometimes, is it isn't the individual that your thoughts were focused on that comes to you, but it is someone that is going to be more in harmony with your full desires.

So, dear one, when Alana encourages someone to define what they would like to have in their life, what they meditate on is really a symbol. And it is possible that the individual that you would like to have return in your life is the symbol, and could also end up being the one who shows up. Or it may end up being someone better. So, you do not need to go to an expense hiring an individual to perform magic. You have all the magic within you already.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. If you do seek outside spiritual help, always have it be someone you feel is fully within their heart. Someone that does not judge. Someone that wishes the highest and best good for all.

Thank you again, dear one, for your question.