The Nature of Karma

Question: Alana could you describe the nature of Karma and what it is? Is it something we create from past lives?

Answer: Hello dear one. This is a wonderful question! Thank you for asking it.

Karma is a very interesting creation. It definitely has to do with collective energy. In other words is is something we co-create. An individual who has karma is thought to be an individual who has leftover business. Or an individual that has an intention to go through some kind of life lesson, or some kind of pay-back because of leftover residue of experience.

That is the usual interpretation of karma. Alana feels karma is an intention that still exists within the soul. An intention to either learn something, heal something, express something, or experience something and have it become present in current experiences.

Alana also feels that karma is something that can instantaneously be brought to completion. Just the remembrance, and the awareness about the leftover intention, and coming to peace with it, or coming to an awareness of forgiveness, or understanding can redirect the course of events.

We do not always have to endure a long ordeal of situations to heal from leftover issues. We can become aware, and through our awareness can then redirect our lives.

You see, ahead of us are possibilities and probabilities. Probabilities come when we have less conscious attention and intention. We have probabilities when we move forward from an energy that was created in our past and have forgotten to pay attention. Possibilities are when we expand our awareness and our being to begin to redirect our lives. As we have intention and attention, and place desire, we then can manifest.

So, dear one, recognize that karma can be redirected, and that karma can also include experiencing rewards, the delights, the joys and the pleasures from surrendering to bliss rather than being devoted to struggle.

Thank you dear one, for your question. That was delightful.