The Energy Within Jesus

The following interactive session was recorded on Christmas Eve 1998.

Questioner: Greetings Alana.

Alana: Greetings to you dear one.

Questioner: How are you?

Alana: Delighted to be here with you and all.

Questioner: Wonderful. I'm wondering what the planet seems like to you tonight?

Alana: Well, it is vibrating with much heart-felt energy in many places. You see, in some parts of your beautiful planet, Christmas is just about complete, people around the planet are moving into their hearts. They are feeling their gratefulness, feeling connection, feeling their losses, and feeling their inspiration. So today is a day that we can be assured that there is a collective gathering. Also, collectively there were many who joined together to give prayer for the planet and peace.

Questioner: Then, Alana how would describe the intention of that prayer?

Alana: As a willingness to recognize that we are a global community engaged in sharing our dreams.

Questioner: Wonderful! So it's been a great day?

Alana: Yes, it is beginning and will continue to develop into a grand day.

Questioner: You know this day means many things for many different people and I wonder if you could describe from your perspective, from your vantage point, the collective energy of what we call Jesus in this very moment.

Alana: The collective energy of Jesus was about bringing about a place within ourselves where we could understand, comprehend, know and find our connection to God in the way of recognizing that we are also co-creators. That our nature is one of light. Recognizing that we are all on the same path, regardless of what it may look like. Because the Jesus vibration was about turning towards creation, meaning turning towards creating heaven on earth.

Questioner: Then Alana, how would you describe the energy that we call Jesus?

Alana: A vast vessel of light that can manifest in many forms in many places simultaneously.

Questioner: So this energy, is it called Jesus now?

Alana: It is called many names. To some, we can only recognize through the name of Jesus therefore this vibration is truly Jesus, yes. This benevolent being will manifest to be seen so each individual will have a doorway within themselves to allow this vibration to come in and that is the way Jesus' vibration will come forth. So for those who are grounded, rooted in Christianity Jesus' vibration will show himself as the Son of God with the vibration of Jesus.

If you go to perhaps another part of this world and embrace a face that has a different name to represent this connection of hearts, of love, of God, then Jesus' vibration will present himself in that way. So, you see we are all connected. We are all looking towards the same light and we are all wishing to connect it within ourselves and bring it forth. In turn what this does is it elevates our consciousness to a greater understanding of our divinity and of our natures as well as our abilities to hold love and be loved and be one with all love.

Questioner: As Alana heart, how do you describe your relationship with this energy we’re calling Jesus?

Alana: Well Alana heart is also the heart of Jesus, you see. So my relationship, (meaning the essence of heart, ok), with Jesus is that Jesus has a heart and that heart is Alana. Alana is just a tonal name given to create a relationship, a way to come forth in a vibration or be able to communicate. In other words Alana is really not hearts name it is just a handle you could say, you know.

Questioner: Yes, in the CB world.

Alana: Yes

Questioner: Thank you

Alana: You’re welcome