Mayan Crystal Skulls

Question: I appreciate your answers to spiritual questions. What a delight you are to many people. I have a fun question for you. Can you describe the relationship that is developing with "Max"? He is a Mayan crystal skull and I am now able to intuitively communicate with him on a subtle level. I would appreciate your response as many others might learn from this experience.

Hello dear one! Thank you for your question! It is a very interesting question because it suggests that there is a consciousness that exists in things that are tangible objects and that they hold vibrations.

A crystal skull is a skull that is created out of a crystal element and has a very ancient vibration. It holds within it ancient secrets, ancient information that wants to be passed from generation to generation to generation throughout the universe. When Alana speaks of generations, Alana is speaking of generations of knowledge, not necessarily generations of people. So Max holds the intention to keep universal information alive. Alana agrees with you that items holding knowledge such as this have an intention within them. They have been around for a long, long time. They are here to tap into whenever they are held or meditated upon.

Alana is excited that your nature is opening and elevating itself to a place where you are able to tap into the reservoir of knowledge that exists within this entity. Alana likes to call this skull an entity because that is what it is. Entities do not have to necessarily be a physical body. An entity is a being and a being can also be a vibration. A vibration can be contained in a physical item such as a stone or a crystal or a metallic substance. It can also be within plants and animals and humans. So the fact that you are elevating your vibration and opening and allowing yourself to be sensitive to the information within Max (the name you give the crystal skull) is delightful. I am sure that its intention is to share the knowledge stored within it. Alana suggests that possibly you have a relationship because both of you have an intention to broaden your experiences.

Also resources that are beyond your own sense of self help you to begin to recognize that all is connected. In other words, we all share a common thread which is the wisdom and knowledge that connects us all. We all have the ability to tap into this wisdom and knowledge, individually or collectively. Continue the development of your relationship! Alana feels you will be delighted because this will bridge your ability to tap into other sources, other possible channels to gain knowledge and wisdom while sharing yourself. Thank you dear one!