Psychic Connection with the Dead

Question: Recently my boyfriend's best friend passed away. My boyfriend was very upset, to a point where it was hard for him to cope. Two nights after his friends death my boyfriend's best friend came to me in my dream. After I noticed it was him I awakened but I was afraid to open my eyes. I could feel his presence right next to me. I couldn't see him anymore, but I could hear him asking me to tell my boyfriend a number of things. He wanted me to let my boyfriend know that he only had minimal pain, to tell him that he will stop in to check on him if he can, and to tell him that he should take care of the baby that I am 8 months pregnant with. He also advised me to tell him that he spoke to his uncle, he needs for his uncle to remember, and that he will talk to his cousin later.

I was very upset that he came to me and I asked him why he didn't go to my boyfriend instead. He said that my boyfriend wouldn't listen. So I told him that I should write all this down so that I wouldn't forget it, but I didn't want to open my eyes because I was to afraid that I would be freaked out. He told me that there was a pen right by my bedside on the floor. I reached over and it was there. I grabbed an envelope and as soon as I started to write my boyfriend woke up. His best friend kept telling me to tell my boyfriend what he was communicating to me so that I wouldn't forget. He even acknowledged the baby I am carrying. I did not tell my boyfriend right away, but when I did I could tell he felt much better.

Do you have any insight on this kind of thing? I have had encounters like this many times before and I would like a clearer understanding. Is it a gift that I have, like most say or what? Why do they seem to choose to speak to me? Help!

Answer: Hello dear one. Thank you for this beautiful question and thank you so much for your willingness to be aligned with the delightful vibrations within spirit. Alana feels, dear one, that you have a delightful sensitivity within you and your intuition is grand.

Some individuals are born with a heightened sense of awareness and their awareness does not dim as they go through life's experiences. Other individuals are born with this sense but as they go through life they tend to become afraid and their fear dims their abilities. But, dear one, please recognize that when we pass to the other side we are still very much alive in a different sort of way. It is just that we are alive without our bodies. But, we still continue our expression. We still have humor and we still have personalities. It is just that we are non-physical.

So, the fact that you, dear one, have an ability to communicate or bridge with the non-visible energies is very, very delightful. When an individual has developed psychic skills they can develop them even further. In other words, throughout your life you can continue to fine tune this skill. You will find that your intuition and sensitivity can be a vehicle for giving wonderful gifts to people whose lives you touch. When you recognized how your words brought a sense of relaxation and peace to your boyfriend, think about the gift that you have and how it could help many, many people. Yes, dear one, it is a choice. It is about you and it is about what you choose to do in your life. But sometimes the greatest joys are really about how we can facilitate other people's peace of mind and the soothing of their hearts.

I would like to recommend a certain book to you. It is a book called, "Through the Eyes of Spirit". It is a beautiful book about a delightful journey that a beautiful soul, Jenny Crawford, has had with her abilities. They are very similar to yours. The book is well written and I think you would relate to and feel a sense of relief and joy about your sensitivity. If you want to get this book I know that it can be found through If you need any more information there is a link at the bottom of the page.

So, dear one, please do not be afraid. As long as you keep your energy within your heart and a focus on love, light, and the highest good for all you'll only attract energies that are about love. Your vibration is quite angelic, you know! Alana also knows that as you have your baby being it's vibration will keep you young. So, thank you dear one for this delightful question and enjoy your experiences.