Question: I have for several weeks now had experiences where the number 11 or multiples of 11 appear almost daily or every 2-3 days.

It's in the form of the time, the page number in a book, phone numbers, radio stations, etc.

It's much more than a coincidence as it happens so frequently, sometimes several times in a day. I wanted to know the significance of this and what I am supposed to learn from it. I am intrigued.

Since I began noticing the number, my energy work (Reiki) has taken on a whole new dimension. I think my intuition has opened up quite a bit, I am receiving insights and visions that I had not had before.

I am also now able to tap into people's auras although not colors, just shades of gray in them, and interpret the meaning. It also seems that I am able to astral travel to other people's homes and see areas in them that may need energy work.

This is all very new to me and I'm not sure what's happening.

Answer: Hello, dear one. It is exciting to hear from you. Alana appreciates your question and is excited that you are beginning to notice the delightful vibration of 11.

11-11 is a gateway; It is a window into a vibration that expands consciousness, and is a vibration within our nature that opens up expanded realities to us.

When an individual begins to see the symbol 11-11 in their environment--whether it be looking at the clock and it being 11:11 or just seeing the numbers in different forms--it brings forth a reminder of the collective consciousness that this vibration holds.

Anytime we see an external manifestation in the form of a number and it triggers our consciousness, then we evoke within our nature a connection with the collective energy that exists within the vibration. (Other examples are the numbers 22, or 33. Some individuals may find other symbols that invoke this same type of gateway connecting them to a more expanded awareness.)

Dear one, your attention with this peak experience is triggering your connection with this collective vibration. And as you connect, you expand into the vibration, or I should say, it expands within you and assists you in your intuitive direction.

11-11 is a spiritual symbol of a gateway. It is a gate into an aspect of our nature that can expand our sense of reality. And in expanding our sense of reality, it also heightens our awareness to be able to tap into wonderful skills and vibrations that are our natural birthright.

Coincidences are delightful happenings coming together for multiple purposes. Celebrate the awareness within you. Alana is excited that your skills and talents are expanding in the way they are.

Remember to stay grounded, dear one. Occasionally you may feel that you are expanding so much that you may feel too light. If this happens, remember to look at your feet. Make sure that they are on the ground and feel the sense of your feet on Mother Earth. This will support you in your inward and outward expansion, while still maintaining contact with delightful Mother Earth who helps you to ground your nature.

Thank you, dear one, for your beautiful question. Alana is delighted to hear from you.