Psychic Abilities

Question: I have been told throughout all my life by my father that I have psychic abilities. I am not sure if I believe him. Often, yes, I will have flashes of insight, and occasionally I will begin to hum a tune, only to have it come on the radio seconds later. If I am truly psychic, how do I cultivate it? How do I learn to use it?

Answer: Hello dear one. Thank you for your question. Alana appreciates your intention to tune into your nature in greater ways. Yes, Alana can feel intuitive abilities within you. If you examine your nature, wouldn't you agree that you are a sensitive individual? Sensitivity is one of the first clues that intuitive abilities are present and that an individual has skills to develop their senses in greater ways. Dear one, what you can do to begin cultivating your intuitive skill is to honor your sensitivity and the feelings that exist within you. Secondly, understand that all individuals have gifts and abilities within them to help them develop their intuitive senses.

Really, we are all intuitive. We all have psychic ability. But you, dear one, because of your sensitivity, have cultivated your intuition a little bit more. Now you are ready to be more aware of the abilities that exist within you.

Cultivating your intuitive skills begins with acceptance. The next step is allowing. The next step is to learn how to direct your intuition in your day to day life. Recognize that we are all connected. All individuals share the same collective heart. We all share the same collective mind. We all share the same God. Since we are all connected, doesn't it make sense that we could pick up, channel, and convey information that is a part of "all that is"?

Continue, dear one, to develop your sensitivity by allowing what is within to be present. You will be guided. You will also find information that will help support you in opening your spirituality in greater ways. When we ask a question, a teacher always comes to us. Just open your eyes and follow your interests. Continue to bring forth information that you can learn from, and your skills and abilities will flow quite naturally.

Thank you for your question dear one.