Religion and Psychic Abilities

Question: All my life I have had signs of clairvoyance, but since I was raised in a conservative Protestant home, I never shared my premonitions and visions with anyone. Finally, about a year ago I decided to admit to myself that I possess strong psychic awareness. I am still struggling within myself as to how I am supposed to use what I "know". I want to share this realization with my family, but I'm afraid their reaction will be to lay hands on me and pray for my deliverance. Is this better kept to myself?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Alana appreciates your question and recognizes that it could be quite confusing for you; having your natural abilities that lie within wake up, while co-existing in an environment that believes this natural awareness is a negative outward influence. But this also could be your greatest teacher. As you recognize what lies within you, in an environment that wishes to suppress natural awareness, you will be guided to greater information and will learn more about what is real within you.

Alana suggests spending some time at the library or your book store. Begin gathering information that supports how our mind, thoughts and innate skills really work on a physical level. (Alana is not talking about unusual abilities that are unnatural.) This is a way to educate yourself about what exists in all human beings and is a natural element of their nature. In other words, intuition is the cultivation of your senses. It is the ability to become aware of the senses that exist within through natural means. So, begin educating yourself in greater ways. As you communicate with your family about your awareness and abilities, you will be able to say, "Here is what is happening physiologically. This is how my senses are attuned." Your family may begin to open their minds, little by little.

So many individuals have given credit to external influences for what is really theirs by divine right. Sometimes people will say, "God lead me to it," or, "God did this," or, "God did that." Well, God is a part of you too, dear one. Therefore it is not that something outside of you is really ruling you.

Also, find individuals in the world that feel like mentors, as they will continue to support you. Look in your world and find mentors that interest you; ones that are filled with love. Make sure when you look for mentors that they embrace you and give you full credit for your own knowingness. That way you will cultivate your skills and know your skills are really about you.

Alana feels that you have recognized your abilities because there is a purpose in you: to expand your nature and use your skills in greater ways. So, dear one, celebrate your awareness and continue to develop your intuition.

You know, we channel all the time. We channel our minds. We channel our hearts. We bring information to ourselves all the time. The truth is that we are one. We are all connected. So, doesn't it make sense that if we are all connected, by allowing your senses to expand, you will be able to tap into and feel all that is?

Alana is delighted, for you are becoming more aware of your nature. It will serve you well. Thank you, dear one.