Internet's Role in Planet Changes

Question: Alana, What is the cosmic role that the Internet is playing in bringing us into the New World and how do you see it evolving? Thank you.

Answer: Thank you for your question. The Internet is a form of communication and linking of people to create an awareness on deeper levels how we all have the same desires, needs, heart, and soul. This tool allows us to share our individuality as well. So, we become more aware that we are one and the same simultaneously with an understanding that we are also individuals. Since we gather more evidence with the acceleration of connection with people across the globe, the Internet allows us to expedite the joining of heart and purpose.

The process of time is assisting in this matter. There will be a time when the forms of communication, like the Internet will operate on a different stream of energy. Once these new approaches are implemented, pollution of the electromagnetic fields will also be cleansed. This is beginning to occur as Alana speaks.

Question: Could you say more about the new frequencies?

Alana: Yes. The new frequencies will be similar to what thought travels on.

Question: Will this method of communication be created with technology or by direct human understanding and skill?

Alana: It will be a combination. Then, after that phase of technology is developed, the next phase will be pure human skill.

Questioner: That's exciting.