Question: How do you know what your plans for the future should be when it comes to choosing a career? Do you go with your heart or your head?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for your question about making career choices. It is very interesting when we weigh the information that comes to us from our head with the information that we feel and sense within our heart. Know that your mind will always ask question after question after question. Your mind will never fully be satisfied. It will always question once you make a choice, and question whether or not you have made the right choice. It will also question what other possibilities you may have forgotten, or if this is true or that is false.

Your heart gives you guidance that can be felt in your body and in your senses--information about what is true for you. Alana encourages using your mind to prompt yourself to question and receive information, and then using your heart to feel and discern your truths. This is a beautiful marriage between two energies: Head AND heart, instead of head OR heart. The mind brings up possibilities and the heart brings you the deeper felt-sense insights that can guide you.

So, dear one, embrace both aspects of your nature. Always pay attention to the insight that your heart gives you, because it is really the force within you that can connect you to all knowingness.

-- Alana