Choosing Between Two Women

Question: I am torn between two women and don't know which would make the best life partner. Are there any aids to help in the understanding of how to "follow my heart"? I need some understanding on how to read my heart...any books, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Answer: Welcome dear one. Alana is happy that you brought this question forth.

Learning how to listen to your heart is a practiced skill. When we are small children we pay attention to our heart. We feel our heart and we listen to our heart. It seems as we grow older we begin to trust our mind more and our hearts less.

In a sense, learning how to connect to your heart is an unlearning. Let's put it this way, it is about allowing more feelings and emotions to come to the surface and listening to them while allowing the mind to pay attention and embrace the heart as well. What Alana means is that beginning to develop a greater relationship with our heart has much to do with the mind allowing the emotions and feelings to be present. It also means that the emotions and feelings also need to create space for the mind to continue to ask questions.

It is a dance between the two. Both parts are very important. You have your mind to reason with. You have your mind to bring about logic, and you have your mind assisting you in making decisions. Your heart is the part of you that holds passion and courage. Your heart also is the part of you that has desire. It is the part of you that creates the energy to get up each day and evoke within you energy to explore possibilities.

First of all dear one, what Alana suggests is to allow more of your feelings and emotions to come up to the surface. Then ask yourself, "What are these feelings and emotions wanting to tell me?" When your mind steps in and judges your emotions and feelings, say, "Thank you mind for judging. Thank you mind for telling me what is important to me."

Listen to what your mind says. Next, go one step further and say, "What does my heart have to say about this?" You are actually creating an intention to hear both parts of your nature and this creates a connection. Now ask your heart and mind to both create an agreement to explore your life together. This step develops an observer within you that can sense when your mind is active or when your heart is exploring. This is the way to begin creating self-definition.

Yes, there are books and tools out there that you can pick up. When you see something, feel it. Begin to explore. Create an intention to bring tools to you that will create pathways or gateways to greater resources and knowledge that exist within you. Also, of course, pay attention to the tools that Alana develops through Sandy and Kirk. These may be of interest to you as well. Because it is Alana's mission to come "in tone" (speaking via words) to invoke a greater connection with heart.

Alana is so delighted with your question, because as you bring about a greater relationship with your heart, you will find that your life will attract greater fulfillment. You will find a greater relationship with your creativity as well as in your career and personal relationships. As we are honest with ourselves (allowing our feelings and emotions to be a part of our awareness and consciousness), our life becomes fuller and richer. This is because more of us is showing up. When we deliver more of our full nature and full spectrum of being, our natures are fully present in our life. Then the outer world mirrors this fullness back to us and our life becomes richer.

Thank you dear one for your question. The fact that you have asked this question means that doors will begin to open. Just open your eyes and your heart will follow. Thank you dear one.