Healing from Relationships

Question: Alana, I have recently ended a long term relationship. I am wanting to love again but I am not sure how to do so. I could use some relationship advice. How do you open your heart again when you feel it is risky to do so?

Answer: Begin, that is the only way. You put one foot in front of the other and you keep examining what it is that your heart brings you. You gather more and more evidence that your heart is the place that holds truth. Your heart is the place that gathers love. Your heart is the place where you gain a greater sense of knowing yourself.

The heart is your resource.

It is your highway.

It is the place where you can connect to infinite wisdom,

infinite intelligence,

infinite love,

and infinite joy.

The first awareness is to just allow the possibility that your heart could bring you great joy. Then take one small incremental step at a time each day by evoking or creating an experience where your heart gets to feel joy. You can begin by bringing something to you each day that will align you with an expression within your heart. Do something where you will get to feel joy from within. It may be something you do for another. It could be something that you do for yourself. Most importantly, acknowledge that your heart is there to serve you.

Thank you dear one.