Finding Your Bliss

Question: I am wanting to find a positive way to release negativity and affirm my connect with spirit. Life can be pretty stressful at times. I know our heart chakra contains balancing energy. I could use a little spiritual guidance on how do I find my way to the innermost recesses of my heart?

Answer: First, you begin by being aware that you have a heart-center! You are a delightful being and are light years beyond that, but what I am saying is that it is a spiral. In other words, it is a beginning and you keep moving towards the intention. Layer after layer of information will come.

There will be new awareness',

then there will be considerations,

then there will be challenges,

then there will be expansions,

then there will be contradictions,

then there will be awareness',

then there will be information that creates confusion,

and then there will be going into depths that one has never felt before.

It may not necessarily happen in that order. This is the spiral of getting to know the elements of one's heart-center.

Now when you are in the void of the heart--the void being where intention begins and heart-energy connects--you move to that place of bliss. Bliss is kind of a weird thing. It is a sensation that exists within but has no sense about it. In other words, you experience bliss-senselessness! You have this feeling in your chest that creates expansion and feels like creativity is going to burst out of your fingertips, burst out of your eyeballs, and burst out of your toes. Yet, your senses do not have a clue about what it is. Now you have tapped into this beautiful recess of light energy.

Once you have done that, there will be a kind of depression that will follow. This is because your mind will say, "I cannot keep this state of bliss-ness eternally". What you do with that depression is love it. You embrace it because it has told you that you honor connection with your heart above all else. I'm not meaning that you make other things "less than" or that you make other things less significant or unimportant. This bliss-senselessness is really where you connect with your core identity. It is your core nature and it is where you get your life force energy. Once you know this, you know that you can tap into it at any moment. All you have to do is breathe it in and command that it comes forth.

Practice, continue to practice, and continue to practice. When it is not there say, "Oh well, this moment will serve me as well and let me embrace what is here in this moment". You will find that eventually it will come again.

So it is a rhythm and you are that rhythm. You and that rhythm are one and the same. Keep vibrating dear one. That is what you do quite well. I loved your question!