Balancing the Body Relieves Stress

Question: I have a health related question and I would like your insight. I have a skin condition. The Doctor says my symtpons are created from stress. I itch and have sores. The itch isn't as bad as it was. The sores aren't getting any better. I am seeing a psychiatrist, too and taking two different anti-depressants. Can you give me any idea what I can do to heal?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your question. Alana senses your dilemma about your health, your body, and the appearance that comes forth in your skin. Alana senses that there is a co-creation here. In other words, I feel this is coming from more than one place. Yes, our emotional nature can affect our body, and our emotional nature does bring about different kinds of illnesses. You see, illness is often described as dis-ease, meaning being at a place where we are not at ease with our being or our life, you see?

So, Alana confirms that stress is a partial reason that your body is responding in this way. But stress can be physical as well as emotional. Your skin is an organ just like your liver, or just like your heart. And, when your organ has an affliction or a problem, usually it is because there is something within it that is trying to get out of the body. So perhaps what you can do is take your body questions a step further.

Perhaps look at your nutrition. Get an evaluation of your minerals and the nutritional balances in your nature. In other words, get a nutritional evaluation. Have your body measured and also your hormones. See what is out of balance within your body. Perhaps you have too much of a toxic substance in your body or perhaps within your diet there is too much of one thing. It feels like an imbalance in many ways as well and something that wants to be released from your body. So, there could be more than one thing occurring other than emotional stress.

Also, examine what you feel you would like to have more of. What is it that you feel you may be missing in your life? By examining this thought and taking a look you may find way you can bring what you feel you are missing into your life. In other words, if a person feels that they are lonely or are missing love, then it is a grand opportunity for them to reach out to others and do things that would benefit them by helping or serving. If a person is feeling they are confused or lacking a direction, then they can begin to look at possibilities, and feel them, and sense them and see where excitement may occur.

So, Alana feels that you may want to continue to examine your life and ask yourself what it is that you would like to have more of. Also, evaluate your body's nutritional level and see if there is not something that is wanting to be released, as well as. Something that wants to be balanced. Also continue to love yourself.

Hopefully some of this communication will give you some ideas. Alana sends you much joy and wishes to tell you that your heart will always serve you. So stay in touch with your heart, dear one. Trust yourself and Alana wishes to confirm that you are love.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.