Healing from Smoking Addiction

Question: How do I break my addiction to smoking? I hate smoking and being unhealthy. I feel like I'm treating my body as the enemy. I have tried unsuccessfully many times to quit this habit. Do you have any suggestions how I can be successful and start to respect my body more?

Answer: Alana senses your question as a habit. Yes. But, Alana also feels that there is something else behind this question. When one breathes deeply into their lungs it creates a reconnection to the womb. When a baby being is within its mother it is safe, and it is protected. The baby being is nourished. Often, an addiction to smoking is ignited by a desire to have love. Perhaps, go back and reconnect with your birth experience. See what was in that experience that may have left you with the feeling of being cut off. Perhaps, you felt like your oxygen shifted. Sometimes this happens with the cutting of the umbilical cord.

Also, Alana feels there is a connection with sabotage. That is what a person may do when they sense they are getting ahead or when they are seeing improvement. A subtle addiction may come in to sabotage the self in some way. So, for you dear one the direction of sabotage is at your body because your being is housed in your body. You may find that when your life is getting really good, that is when your desire to smoke comes up more. There is an interesting dynamic here. It feels like it is connected to more than one thing, but I do feel if you go into a rebirthing experience you may find it will lead you to other threads. Then you may find within yourself the strength to attract to you a healing modality. One that will support you through releasing your addiction.

Thank you dear one for your question.