Managing Fear During Health Problems

Question: I don't understand what life has in store for me. I have had my house on the market to sell and it finally has a buyer. Then a tumor is found in the back of my mouth and I may require extensive medical treatment. The biopsy results will be available in ten days. Where do I look for answers? Do I seek alternative health techniques, will they be effective, accept the offer on the house and buy my RV, or get an apartment. I feel that my world is again turned upside down and I don't know where to look to make sense of it all. Introspection just brings up more unknowns or fears. Thank you for your ever-present love.

Answer: Dear one, it is with honor that Alana senses and feels the deep nature within you. You are like a vast well of love that is seeking to express itself by defining and feeling your question.

There is a part of you that is an incredible pioneer in the world. A pioneer that moves ahead when life seems to be at a stand still. So, what Alana wishes to do is to give you encouragement to continue to follow your dreams and move forward. Continue to know that you do have within you the heart, the strength, and the vitality to continue to move towards your dreams.

Many times life can bring us what appears as setbacks. They are opportunities for us to re-evaluate where we wish to go or where we thought we were going before we had second thoughts. So dear one, continue to hold your dreams within your heart. Continue to hold your fears within your heart. You will find, by doing this, that your dreams and your fears will blend together and empower you to turn towards that which will bring you joy.

Fears, doubts, and confusion within an expectancy are all there to be a channel, to be a support, in guiding us towards life force energy. So, Alana wants to acknowledge your nature. You are a true pioneer and you do have and will example to others how to seek life.

Thank you dear one and I hope that my answer brings new energy within you, supports your dreams, and also embraces your fears so that they may find a channel. You are precious.

Thank you.