Ringing Ears

Question: Alana, my question is about the ringing in my ears. I've seen many alternative health practitioners but it hasn't seemed to help. The ringing seems to be getting louder or maybe it is the same. I guess the question is, is this path helping me or is there something you would suggest?

Question: Dear one, thank you for your question.

There are many reasons why people's ears ring. Some of them are on a physical level like an imbalance within the bodies chemistry, and sometimes there is an important awareness that may be obtained because of the ringing. In other words, I am saying there sometimes are health issues. In addition, sometimes the reason may be there is information that wants to be channeled to us and the ringing is an attention-getter. Therefore, you may ask yourself to investigate on many different levels as why this may be happening. Alana does feel that there is a spiritual significance that coincides. As you pay more attention to what is necessary for you to communicate, your ear ringing will begin to settle down. So on one level, I think it may have something to do with you paying attention to what you're feeling, and sensing, and having the courage to share your information.

Also, I do feel that there is a physical manifestation of the ringing. It feels like blocked energy that wants to expand. I would encourage you to continue to do things in your daily life to bring about a more balanced and healthy body, and you will find that this will aid your emotions as well.

I do think there are just some things that have become a little jammed up. Keep on your path. You are doing well. Pay attention to your feelings and your emotions, and practice expressing what you receive.

Thank you, dear one.