Energy Healing Through Compassion

Question: How can I help my fiancee heal his health problem?

Answer: Thank you for your question, dear one. Your question has brought along with it much compassion, much love, and a vast desire to see your relationship with this dear one become stronger and more complementary to each of you. First of all, I encourage you to acknowledge your close connection to this person.

You can continue having compassion and understanding where he may have fears and other difficulties. This does not mean that you have to acknowledge his difficulties in a way that empowers them. By simply having compassion and understanding, you create respect for where he is in the present moment. This is a way to share a loving energy healing exchange.

Remember to speak and talk with him as your friend. When you are open and share your thoughts, without judgment, it gives him other thoughts to consider, other ways of viewing his health problem. When he feels your compassion, he will feel your love and desire for connection. This may spark possibilities within him to notice ways and see options that he may not have looked at before.

So, dear one, I invite you to keep doing what you are already doing. Continue to communicate and express your thoughts and feelings. Eventually, you may find that he has a greater capacity to sense and feel more of you. This will also encourage him to have a greater capacity to feel and sense more of his own being. You may find that your attitudes and action facilitate and assist him in creating paths and avenues to invoke a greater sense of health and well-being.

Thank you, dear one.