Learning from Our Body's Wisdom

Question: I have worked to understand the purpose of the noise in my head which I refer to as "crickets". Since I work in the field of deafness, I get a lot of pushing to be tested by an audiologist and to label the sound as tinnitus.

I had my first encounter when in the home of an energy healer from whom I was taking a class. For a few weeks that was the only place I heard the sound. Then it turned up in my home when I was meditating, then in the healing room of a friend's home, and finally it became constant. It has been constant for about eleven months now. I have tried talking to "them" to ask for clearer input, words I can understand, or messages I can understand. I have asked for the sound to slow its tempo to match mine. I have asked what I can do to become more accessible. I am getting no response.

Part of me thinks I am too uncertain of my own worthiness and can not get past that to look deeper. Any ideas? Suggestions? Theories? I have listened to metaphysical tapes on "Opening the Temporal Lobes". I did those exercises and others as well. Where do I go from here?

Answer: This noise in your ears feels like a physical nature occurring as well as a message from the noise. What I suggest is to continue to ask for essential information to bring forth that which would assist you in getting direction. In other words, when we have a quandary, when we have a question about our body, our emotions, or something we need to clarify, always ask that you may receive that which is essential for the highest and the best good to support you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Ask for what you need on those levels to come forth. That is the first step.

Secondly, explore answers on all four levels:

Go explore physical answers and see what may be occurring on the physical level. This could bring about peace of mind for you to have an answer regarding how it has manifested physically in your body. Investigate things like your hormonal balance, reactions to foods, etc. Learn from your body wisdom about how a sign such as this may relate to a physical imbalance.

Then go within and ask for essential information to bring about answers on the mental level and see what resonates as truth. Embrace that information with understanding, compassion, or whatever it is that will allow you to release your judgment, if you have one, and move it into discernment.

Then find what emotions could be attached and see what it is that you need to learn.

Then of course, spiritually you will find that there is always an intention.

So create a desire by asking for information that is essential on all of these different levels and satisfy them all.

For example, when something occurs on the physical and we just satisfy it with an answer on the spiritual, we are missing a portion of our self. We are not getting all the information that is available to us just for the asking.

In summary, seek answers on all levels. Move with what resonates with your heart.