Inner Beauty Can Ease Disease

Question: I have a health related question and would love your spiritual insight. I had rheumatoid arthritis since the age of six. I am now 58 and the doctors are amazed that I have not become crippled and that I am still alive. My hands have become deformed, but after nine operations I can use them for whatever I really want to do. My question is, why have I escaped the devastation of this disease when so many do not survive? Thank you, Alana, for being here with us and for your spiritual guidance. I appreciate all the positive thoughts you extend and how you provide spiritual insight into practical issues.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana feels the inner beauty that exists within your soul and the delight in your heart.

Alana feels also, dear one, you have a recognition within you that you are much more than a body. It feels that you connect with your heart, you connect with greater aspects of yourself, and bring these aspects into your body in the way of your intuition, and awareness and devotion of love. It feels that you have a glimpse, or a little understanding, that you are a vessel of light.

Now, in your question about your body and the condition that your body exists with. Sometimes, you see, we bring about a certain condition so that we can become a symbol. Or so we can become an example. We can become evidence to other individuals that what is important in the world is really love. It is not about the kind of body that we have or the physical beauty that it beholds. It has more to do with the purity of heart in our nature, or the devotion to the connection that we are all one. Being an example such as this extends a positive message about our true nature into the world.

Alana feels that by going through all of the difficulties that you have with your body, that it has helped you develop your other senses in a greater way. Alana also feels that it is a way for you to gain greater information that you are much more than your body. Also, it feels that you have learned much in previous existences and previous lives as well with this kind of condition. But, dear one, Alana feels that you are releasing the need to have physical limitations in this way and that you are evidence to all that physical conditions do not need to be limitations.

So, dear one, keep shining the light that you do and be an example of enthusiasm to others, because you are definitely teaching many the importance of who we really are and of what we are capable.

Thank you for your delightful, beautiful question, dear one, and thank you for your positive image and presence. You do shine light to many and Alana feels that you will continue to spread the light that exists within you.