Balancing Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions

Question: Alana, when will I be happy? I have had depression for almost two years. I am so lonely, and I cannot see anything good in my future. I feel so desolate and the worst thing is I am so tired I cannot even find the energy to try and fix things. With all the medication and therapy bills I don't have enough money to go out, and all my friends are in happy relationships so if I spend time with them I am just reminded of what I haven't got. All I want is to be happy and have someone to share my life with - I have so much to give, and no one seems to want it!

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for bringing your question to Alana. Alana suggests that you go on a journey. Not necessarily a physical journey, although a vacation might be good for you, but Alana suggests that you go on an inner journey. An inner journey where you examine all the different aspects of your nature. Examine your physical level. Examine your mental level. Examine your emotional level. Examine your spiritual level. Ask yourself which of these areas you are devoting the most attention to. Find the one area that you feel the most peace with. Then begin to identify how you have created peace with this area. Look at how you love yourself in this area, and how you contribute to yourself in this area. Look at what you draw to you and where you find fulfillment.

You see, Alana feels that this will help you to learn how to bring fulfillment into your life in all the other areas. Alana feels that you must first begin to give love to yourself and become grateful for what exists within you. This way your other levels can begin to attract more joy.

Alana also feels that there are some physical things going on with your body that want to balance. Nutrition is important and diet is important. Because as you pay attention to what you eat you will invite more vitality in your body. It will begin to support your mind and emotions, as well. You may also want to look at natural hormones.

Alana also feels that a hobby would be wonderful for you. Alana feels that you have some boredom in your life because there is a desire in your soul to challenge yourself to find more creativity in your life. So this is another expression of learning how to love your nature.

Alana also feels that some sunlight would be most beneficial especially in the morning time when you awaken. Alana feels that when you awaken in the morning bring some light into your life. It will help bring some clarity into your mind.

Also, begin to simplify your life. Look at ways that you distract yourself. Look at things you do just for the sake of doing them. In other words, things that you know how to do, but they do not bring you great fulfillment anymore. Begin to simplify, by letting go of the things that you have collected along the way that no longer serve you.

So, dear one, your happiness is a decision that comes from within. And it also is a decision that needs to be supported mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So begin with one of these expressions that you have the most peace with. This will teach you how to invite peace into all aspects of your life.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana feels that you can transform your life and bring much more happiness. It will take some doing, yes. It will take some devotion to self and time. But, you know what, dear one, there is nothing more important in this world than yourself. Caring for yourself is the key to bring partnership and love into your life. And as you expand your light, a relationship will find you. There are ways to bring balance on all levels into your life.