Spiritual Insights on Depression

Kirk: Before reading Alana's answer here are a few thoughts to ponder.

Isn't it interesting that a question regarding the emotional level would be answered by solutions that include the physical level? You see, we are body, mind, emotion, and spirit. But these four categories are just concepts, are they not? In truth, if you dissect a human being, you won't see any of these labels written anywhere. Body, mind, emotion, and spirit are words, used by the mind, to describe the pieces and processes of a wholeness. Right now, in your own being, you can notice that your body, mind, emotion, and spirit are one thing. If you know this, it is so. Body is not "lower" than spirit. Spirit is not "higher" than body. You--who you eternally always have been and always will be--currently live in your body. Have you noticed that many religious traditions consider body to be lower than emotion, mind, and spirit? Body IS spirit. How could it not be when all is spirit? Therefore, when we nurture our bodies, we nurture our mind, emotions, and spirit. Our bodies are unique expressions of all-that-is, like a river or flower or dragonfly. I wonder what that world will become as we begin and continue to honor all bodies as sacred expressions of spirit.

Question: Alana, can you say a few words about depression. It seems that there are so many people in the world that are unhappy, low on energy, and out of touch with their purpose for one reason or another. I was wondering if there are physical reasons for this rather than needing an attitude adjustment. I appreciate any advice you can give on this subject. Thank you so much.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Your question is an interesting one. There are many individuals that have a dim light. In other words, the vitality in their body is operating at a very low frequency. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to feel their imagination, bring enthusiasm into their life and to have a clear head. This allows and supports them in manifesting what they desire, or what they may enjoy having in their lives.

There are several important factors to discuss. One being that the body is a temple. It is a vibration that needs nourishment. The body operates on a physical level and, yes, emotional attitudes and desires and spiritual energies fuel it, but it is a physical substance. You see?

So, therefore, it is very important to fuel the body on a physical level. When you do this, you will find that the physical level responds. Therefore it can engage the mental level to produce more clarity. Once there is more clarity mentally then there can be a greater energy emotionally and physically as well.

Alana always suggests that when we want to create anything in our life begin both spiritually and physically because the two will come together and help balance the mental and the emotional. You can work on an emotional level, but if your body is not physically nourished, it's emotional level will still stay confused.

So, dear one, much depression can be related to the physical need for nourishment. Also, there is a type of depression that occurs when an individual is about ready to make a transition in their life. It is much like a time of moving onto a plateau for a period so that we can have soul discovery. But this type of depression usually only lasts for a short time, maybe a week, maybe ten days or a little longer. A depression that lingers much longer than this time period is generally one that needs to be addressed on a physical level as previously mentioned.

Suggestions that I give are to look at the foods that you nourish your body with. Also, look perhaps at the history of your body and the condition that it exists in. You know, our world has toxic substances in it and the body can sometimes become burdened with these toxic substances. So look at your nutrition and look at the condition of the whole body. Examine the kinds of foods that you put into your body. Everyone's body has an individual expression and some bodies are more compatible with some types of food than others. Alana suggests looking at your allergies and begin to honor the temple that you exist in.

As your body raises it's vitality, your moods and emotions will begin to clear. To gain a greater understanding of how to fuel your body, look at the types of food you eat and examine if they are really food or if they are substances that have been created in a laboratory. If you are eating foods that are synthetic, non-physical, non-living substances, then how do you imagine that your brain is going to get the vitality to work clearly?

So, dear one, thank you for this question. For those of you who exist with depression, I do encourage you to look at your diet, movement (exercise), and your food. Also ask yourself how long your depression has been going on. If it is a short depression, then perhaps you are going to have some great spiritual insights. If so, go into self-discovery.

But if your depression has been existing for some time, then get some vitality into your body. Get some light into your body. Get some sun, or some light that has to do with energy, that brings you vitamins. You see? And honor the physical presence that you exist within.

Thank you, dear one.


In Summary: Alana's insights wish to invoke greater consciousness concerning diet, nutrition, and exercise since we have a physical body that needs fuel to support our energy and vitality, along with getting enough sunlight and "light filled" support.

The answer also suggests that sometimes we will encounter depression to invoke our inner questioner so that we may grow and find new answers to spark greater connection with our true essence. This may in turn generate greater levels of happiness including to a chemical change in our bodies which can effect our physical state.

Also, anyone experiencing severe depression should always get a professional opinion from a compassionate health care provider who understands the various stages and forms of depression.