Balancing the Body Naturally

Question: I have been taking various anti-depressants for 9 years. My experience with the medicines is that they work for awhile, a year or two, and then they flag in their effectiveness, and I slowly sink into a depression again and only come to recognize it when I start feeling really hopeless and apathetic. My thoughts become circular and negative, and 'what's-the-use', and that often keeps me from taking any positive action. I don't know what to think about this dark and negative and annihilating mental realm. I so want to live in happiness and awe and light! Please help me know more about how to help myself. Thank you.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing your question to Alana. I appreciate the question because there are many individuals out there that have different forms of depression.

Alana has found solutions to creating balance within the body. Sometimes a body is out of balance on a chemical level because of the environment that we exist in. The body has sensitivities to the environment. Some ways that the environment impacts us is by the energy that we live in. Like, if we are around electrical lines. Or, if we eat too much refined foods and sugar. Or if we have toxicity built up within our cells. All of this can affect our vitality and our energy and our hormones. Also, if we do not get enough sunlight.

You see, we are made up of elements much like the stars. The stars are a pure form of energy. As we live in our bodies, if we do not fuel them with vitality they can become chemically out of balance. Then, what happens, is western medicine has found chemicals, pills, and various things that one can take that will mimick a restoration of body balance for a period of time. But, like you have already noticed, the body is very smart. It readjusts itself, as it is wanting to find...

a natural way to balance the body.

What I would encourage you to do, dear one, is perhaps go on a journey. Find a support group of individuals that have similar issues. Make some new friends, or people, that are studying depression and finding answers about how to balance the body naturally. There is a time when we need both worlds, a time when we need western medicine along with the more natural ways to balance our body. But, eventually we can find a way to balance our body and bring it into harmony through really paying attention. It is a gradual procedure, especially when your body has been on medication for a while. You need to ease off and bring harmony and balance in natural ways gradually.

So, educate yourself. Make it a mission and do some research. You may find that acupuncture is good for you. It brings energy into your body. You may also find that your body wants some sunlight, or some different kinds of light therapy. You may also find that your diet really wants to change, and that your body wants to detox itself from chemicals that exist in you in the way of sugar or caffeine as well. Pay attention to these things too. You may find that you are in need of natural plant based hormones.

When Alana feels your full nature, I feel a very sensitive, kind person. One that is a treasure and a delight. It feels like perhaps the reason you have experienced this nine year situation is because you are going to begin to educate other individuals in how to balance their natures as well. You have a delightful purpose ahead of you in many, many ways. Alana feels that you will have much to share.

Thank you, dear one, for bringing this question forth. Please do come and ask another question if you wish, and also if you learn some things that you feel could help others.

Thank you, dear one.