Self Love Food for Helping with Depression

Question: I know I have a Spirit Guide, but can't seem to feel her, or to get in touch with her. I am having so many problems with depression that I need her to help me. Sometimes I see her in my dreams.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing your question to Alana.

Well, depression is a vibration that many people are encountering in these times. Alana feels that some of it has to do with the environments that we live in and the kinds of foods that we ingest. So, what you might do, dear one, is look and see if you are getting enough sunlight and warmth in your life. I know that it has been very hot in the climate lately, but really look and see if your body, in the day time, is getting some outdoor activity and some movement. Also examine the kind of foods that you are eating.

I do not think that people fully recognize how important it is to bring food that really nourishes us into the body. Food that is life, food that has vibrancy in it, and food that is not made up of processed ingredients. You see, what happens is the body begins to lose oxygen and nutrients. Then the body begins to hold onto more and more toxins. It slows down the metabolism, the ability of the body to produce energy, and the chi vibration moving through the system. You can look at some forms of body work and health movement.

The reason Alana is bringing this up in your question about spirit guides is because as we elevate our personal vibration, and the more that we physically nourish ourselves, the more we are able to pay attention to the finer vibrations around us. You see, there is a task that happens between the physical and the spiritual. The spiritual elements have to come down and become denser to connect with us. We have to become lighter to connect with them. When our vibration is dense it is very difficult for spirit vibration to connect with us in a conscious way. They may be able to work with us in our dream states much more efficiently. In our dream states we may pay much more attention. For spirit guides to become noticed in our waking state, it takes just as much effort on our part to meet them and greet them on a level where we can connect. So, dear one, take some time for practicing nourishment.

Another important thing is to watch your thoughts. Bring them into the now and practice gratefulness. Look around you and really notice the things you are grateful for. Look around you in your world and you will see many people that have much, much less to be grateful for than you. Dear one, begin to turn towards yourself and look at all the delight that you have in your life.

Look at your home and your surroundings.

Notice the beautiful environment around you.

Look at the trees, look at the grass,

and look at the children playing.

Look at how people smile to one another,

and notice the beauty that lies around you.

Invite this delight into your consciousness and really pay attention. Then you will find yourself beginning to feel your spirit guides. They are always around you. They wish to communicate. Alana gets the feeling that they have been tapping on your shoulder and saying, "Hey, dear one. Let's play."

So, thank you, dear one, for your question. Do play more. Begin to have more fun and practice the self-love that Alana speaks of. Self-love is really when we do things for ourselves and take care of ourselves, nourish ourselves, and brings more vitality into our spirit. Thank you, dear one.

-- Alana