Increasing Life Force Energy Through Gratefulness

Question: My back was injured on the job and now I am losing my job. And now I discovered I have Hepatitis C. Most likely I got it from my health care job. I feel a lot of stress from this and the financial pressure. My whole life has undergone a significant change and I feel unclear as to the direction I should take. I have two great daughters, seven and twelve, and a supportive wife. Yet I feel almost doomed. I could go on and on but I do try to stay positive. I have worked on my spiritual self and I try to stay calm and centered. Can you help with any insights? Thank you.

Answer: Alana appreciates your question and the love and sincerity within you. Your life seems that it is at a place in which you are now beginning to really know what your heart-felt priorities are. Along with that there is a great awareness moving into your nature as to what to be grateful for. Gratefulness is a fuel. It is a life force energy that assists the body with healing. Gratefulness in alignment with appreciating those that support and love you, in connection with looking at life's synchronicities, along with smiling and laughing at what is surrounding you that reflects and mirrors humor and beauty--these are all tools to assist you in getting a greater and clearer sense of your direction.

It feels that these occurrences are here to serve you and to serve you in a grand way. It feels that you will develop a depth of heart and a sense of knowing beyond your expectations. It also feels like you can heal. Healing has much to do with the emotions and collective thought as it does with the body. I already know that you have a good sense of this.

There is another level that your being feels that it wishes to experience so that you will have some first hand knowledge in aligning many parts of your self. By aligning your body, your spirit, your mind, and your emotions, you will gain knowledge on many levels simultaneously around your current situation.

This knowledge will strengthen your soul's next steps in what feels like a future of grand possibility. This feels like it is a ways away but you will end up gaining much knowledge through this experience. It will add to your individual pattern, meaning your beautiful soul.

So I must congratulate you in moving into this time that feels so critical in many ways. I must acknowledge that within you, you have the strength, you have the power, you have the courage, and you have the heart to guide yourself to attain the greatest amount of wisdom. So keep your faith, keep your heart open, continue to be grateful, bring in humor, and bring in light. And still allow yourself, always, to recognize that your feelings will lead you to new aspects of your self that are wishing to have greater wisdom along with a voice. Thank you dear one so much for the contributions that you have and will continue making.

Thank you.