Y2K, Earth Changes, and 1999

Question: Alana, can you give us some idea of the potential outlook of 1999? There is much talk about earth changes, and we are curious what you spiritual interpretation might be.

Answer: Let us go to the highlights of what Alana senses in the celebration of the coming year.

First of all, we must give thanks. We must give acknowledgment and we must show gratefulness for the completion of the current year. There have been great advancements in consciousness (meaning collective individuals) and in civilizations, learning how to bridge their relationships and creating more and more desire to heal. Let us give great appreciation and thanks for all that has occurred in this year of 1998, and there is still more to come. We have one more week. We shall see a few more events before the closure of the year.

When we think of 1999, we collectively have anticipation towards the closure of the century. Therefore, there is some anticipation and expectation that 1999 will be a grand closure. Because of this expectation and intention there will be events that will pop up that will definitely be about closing one door and opening another. You will see this in many different ways. Yes, your Y2K problems with your computers and your technology systems have to do with some of these expectations. You see, this was prearranged from the expectation of the closure of the year. (When Alana says prearranged, what I mean is there was an unconscious intention to have something occur to delineate a need to make a shift from one century into the next). A cleaning of house is occurring with your Y2K situations. In this way the old gets left behind and gets renewed to bring about an evolutionary change within the coming of the new century. So, perhaps that sheds a little light on Y2K situations with your technology collectively.

Now much excitement is happening universally in relationship to the earth's progress that is occurring at the closure of this century. What we are leaving behind in various degrees is struggle; it is the independent egos need to conquer, need to win, need for power over, and belief in being a victim. Much of this vibration and wherever this vibration resonates you will see shifts and changes occurring.

As the year, 2000 approaches more and more light is coming into the planet. Light is a form of intelligence. Light is a form of intelligence that resonates with the true spirit of who we really are, collectively and individually, you see. You will recognize that as the year 1999 evolves, occurs, and expresses itself much will be exposed to be enlightened. Much will come to the surface. You will see some conflicts, and you will also see those conflicts come into many resolutions as well. Any vibration that is holding on to old beliefs that "collectively" we have out grown, they will probably choose to leave and go to a place where they can still maintain their fearful vibration.

There will be some occurrences of folks deciding to leave and at the same time you will see many births. You will see many babies coming into being and one thing that is grand, is that some of these babies are, like the last ten years, babies that are coming in on a new thread of energy. These baby beings will continue to share their light and bring forth a new vibration of individuality. The individuality that is occurring, elevating, and is coming forth within the year 2000 is one of much cooperation, connection and realization that we are all together on this planet. Also, that we are all together within this universe. Our grand intention is to create a life where we recognize the connection of love and divinity in each of us. Therefore, as the year 1999 unfolds anything that is unlike love will probably come up to the surface to take a check and view what it could be like in the future. Then some determinations will be made from there.

In the government and governments around the world, there will be new agreements made, and there will be some agreements that will be severed. That is just an occurrence that needs to happen to reshape the way we connect. As one situation appears to fall, what will eventually come up and replace it is a greater connection. As time evolves through the year 2000 and beyond, eventually you will see somewhat of a split. It may appear like more separation this is so the energy that is use to being very dense can find it's true home. Recognize that peace is what we are moving toward.

Question: Might it look like conflict and war?

Alana: Yes, but it does not feel like a large global war. It feels more like smaller individual wars that come up to heal so that people can learn how to express what their needs are, what their desires are, and eventually show respect for each others needs.

Question: What do you feel the collective intention is, for the government and basically the United States this year?

Alana: To expose power, power hungry I mean. That is the primary core at this time.