Spiritual Insight on the New Millennium

Kirk: We would like to welcome you to this special audio edition of the askAlana.com Ezine; Issue 99. It's Dec 31st, 2000, New Year's Eve day. Sandy and I are here in our home office studio and we are having a conversation with Alana about the upcoming year of 2001. So, Greetings Alana.

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Alana: Greetings.

Kirk: So Alana, the purpose of today's questions are around what you see as the fundamental energies for the year 2001. Where would you like to begin?

Alana: Well first of all I would like to thank you very much for this opportunity to come forth in this way, and to share the wisdom and knowledge of heart vibration. So thank you for offering this opportunity to come forth and speak.

Kirk: Wonderful.

Alana: Okay, now your question is about this upcoming year, yes; about the year 2001, and the energies that may be encountered during this time?

Kirk: Yes.

Alana: Okay, well first of all, Alana wishes to acknowledge that we have stepped into the vibration of a new millennium. In stepping into this vibration, it brings about a new wave of light, a new ray of vibration, and much promise for a future that is more motivated by wellness, wholeness, peace, wisdom, and of course heart.

So, any time you launch into a new vibration it brings about transformation on many different levels. The year 2000 was kind of like a precursor, so it was the entry way; it was the gateway into stepping into the millennium that we are now in. And when we step into a time like this, there is transformation that takes place on many different levels.

We have our personal areas to look at, we have our cultural levels to look at, then there are also the planetary and global levels, and then there are the universal levels as well. So let us first speak of what could be happening on a personal nature.

Each individual is probably feeling a little bit of unsettling energy inside. It is kind of like looking at where life has been complicated, or where life has had certain distractions, and getting to a place of wanting to find balance in one's life. When you wish to have more balance it brings about a desire for simplification.

We may find, in our daily lives, a frustration building where things tend to impact us in a way of taking time out of our lives where we would rather spend it with loved ones. Or areas where we recognize that it is now time to learn how to delegate instead of taking on so much responsibility ourselves. So in a sense it is really about getting in touch with our authenticity, more in touch with what our primal goals are, more in touch with what our base nature is, and coming into a new equilibrium and a new balance.

Any time there is an experience of self-examination, like this, there is also an experience of growth. This means there are stages of letting go, which can look like losses, or can look like promises. It depends on the way an individual looks at life.

One of the challenges will be to let go and look forward to a new horizon of opportunity based on an equilibrium, based on balance, based on letting go of responsibilities that are not yours to carry, or burdens, in the way of carrying other peoples responsibilities. So it is about holding others able.

Which brings up the primal energy of control and power. Last year control and power was definitely on the agenda. It was like a flashlight was shining forth bringing about light into areas where control and power existed. It also was an energy that brought about the appearance and illusion of a greater sense of separation.

And the reason I say appearance and illusion is because people are motivated by many of the same things, so therefore there is a thread of commonness between people. But the illusion is that there is separation.

So, now Alana has moved out into the area of looking at things maybe a little bit more cultural, and maybe a little bit more to do with community.

One of the things, when individual transformation takes place and we have individuals seeking balance, seeking peace, then where ever there is a collective energy that is out of balance, it will come to the forefront.

In our communities, in our civilizations, in our governments, we are going to begin to see more and more experiences for transformation, so anytime there are experiences for transformation, those who wish to hold onto control and power will then speak a little louder. We may see some radical shifts in certain ways. And at the same time we may see more people on an individual level stepping into their personal power and communicating forth for what they feel is just and fair for humanity.

So these are some exciting times we are in. You may see the collective that wants to have control and power wanting to look at monetary systems and try to figure our ways to measure where people's financial power exists. In this way you will see individuals who are moving into their equilibrium or into their personal balance, creating new ways to distribute income; new ways to distribute money. You may find there are more and more resources and opportunities to experience the creative mind and the entrepreneurial spirit. And you might find that individuals are working at home more and finding ways to have this be possible.

So we are stepping into a new type of lifestyle and as this millennium continues into the decade, as this decade furthers, you will see a whole type of life style shift happening with people. Also families are beginning to heal in a new way. You may be sensing that and are probably going to be noticing that more and more people are going to be spending more time with their families, and the families will be building stronger bridges between each other. So there is going to be an emphasis on communication and effective understanding of each other's motives.

This is also building, and this may be evident in programs that are developing in education. You may see that schools are shifting in the way that they present their programs. There is much happening and these are very exciting times.

Another thing that is bringing this to the forefront is that technology is in an incredible time of advancement. Technology is actually beginning to blend with spirituality, and spirituality is blending with science. We are stepping into a whole new sphere of thinking about what our spirituality is and how it can advance us in the future with technology. As technology advances, you are going to see new types of energies coming forth and possibilities to balance our mother earth as well. You see, all is connected, and so as we start with a simple desire for human equilibrium and balance, this balance will ripple through all systems.

Part 2

Kirk: So Alana, when you talk about control and power it sounds like the opposite of that kind of energy is what you're calling human or personal equilibrium and empowerment. Can you say a little bit more about control and power, and what the opposite is for people who are not familiar with that concept?

Alana: Well control is when a person or system has a motive and an agenda, and they have an intention to persuade others to see their agenda or step into their system, and choose to color the world in such a way that their system or agenda looks like the favorable direction. So it is definitely an energy that deludes people from recognizing that they have free will and that they have personal power within themselves.

Kirk: So this is a huge change, because control and power has been the way things have worked here on earth for a long time for most cultures.

Alana: Yes.

Kirk: We are in a huge change now.

Alana: Yes. For many religions, that is their root. It is to have control and power. Yet the beauty of religion is the connection that we are all one, that we share a common spirit, a common soul in a way, and that is the force that provides us with the creative energy that exists within us; that builds our faith, builds our trust, relates the truth of who we are, and is the energy that brings us forth. So really spirituality may begin to blossom. We may begin to recognize the beauty that exists within us, and how when you do one thing to another, well it is really something that ripples back to yourself.

Kirk: You know I think a lot of people have been very very confused by religion because the core message in most religions is love, or the golden rule, or helping humankind, and at the same time, on the other hand, most wars of the millennia have been because of different religious beliefs. It doesn't make any sense, those two things, love and killing each other about different beliefs.

Alana: Correct.

Kirk: So the core intention of many religions has been lost, as it has been blended in with control and power. You are saying that is what is transforming now.

Alana: Yes, and it can take many forms. Sometimes it looks worse before it gets better.

Kirk: Right. When you started with your introduction, you were talking about different levels, from personal to more and more global levels.

Alana: We have stepped from the personal. I communicated some aspects of personal and then of course it just naturally bridged into cultural, into society, and into community. Where would you like to go from here?

Kirk: I guess we could go into more global and universal.

Alana: Well, globally this beautiful planet is coming into a place of seeking balance as well. So yes of course, there could be some planetary shifts and there could be some impacts that happen. But recognize that as we transform internally, it creates much less need for transformation in the physical. You see?

Kirk: Yes.

Alana: And also globally the planet is experiencing more light. I want to say more light... Envision this: You buy a new light, bring it into your living room, and turn it on. You find that the areas where there were shadows or where perhaps a little dust had accumulated, you can now see into those corners. So it is kind of like this. Our planet is seeing more light. There are two particular portals that are opening and bringing in intelligence, bringing in information, bringing in new technologies, all of this for consciousness to connect to. Therefore there is transformation happening globally as well. Many souls that have been prepared to step forward in this time are doing so. And there is a wonderful grid of light being created around the planet. People are weaving information and they are weaving this light to build bridges to create transformation.

Kirk: Could you say a little more about the portals for people that aren't familiar with that kind of concept?

Alana: Well a portal essentially is like an energy center or like a Chakra in the body. The body has a line of energy centers that move up from the root that connect to planet earth, and then move up all the way into the heavens. So the earth also has these systems and they are waking up the higher Chakras, the ones that are more elevated. They are becoming more actualized and energized. So in a sense, when Alana speaks of portals, I am speaking of systems that enliven the planet earth with new light and new information.

Kirk: I wanted to back track again on another point that you made Alana. About this time last year we recorded some information on Y2K. One of things you were sharing is that we didn't have to have a Y2K disaster, or millennial disaster. That often intuitives or psychics, or people that do this kind of work, would see, sense, or hear in their intuition that there was going to be some kind of catastrophe. And really that was a possibility, but it didn't need to be a probability. This is because those potential catastrophes were actually metaphors for personal inner transformation. Can you say a little bit more about that?

Alana: Yes. Again, any time that we draw something to attention, make a choice to turn within, and create balance, resolution, and free ourselves from limitation, then it ceases to manifest in the outer world. It ceases to ripple into the outer world in a negative way. It ripples into the outer world in a positive way.

Imagine if everybody in one city pondered and thought about anger, and thought about fear, and thought about frustration...you would probably find that the weather would be pretty gray that day!

Kirk: So we are a lot better served, I think, instead of these huge dire predictions...we are not saying that is not possible, we are saying that the core intention for earth is...

Alana: ...is to come into balance and have heaven on earth. To bring about all of the wonderful creative powers that exists within our spirits, within our souls, within our higher selves and to experience it while we are in body on earth and sharing of love.

Kirk: So we don't need to have pain to experience pleasure, and we don't need to have suffering to experience joy.

Alana: However...

Kirk: ...that happens!

Alana: Yes, that happens, and the contrast is sometimes how we know what joy is. So there was a purpose in that. However, we are outgrowing that purpose. We are now moving into a place where you could imagine that our future generations may come into an experience where killing and murder is not even an option that has ever been thought of. You see?

Kirk: Yes. An example, on the inside, on a more personal level, would be that we could transcend from judging ourselves, or being out of alignment with our true values, and walking around feeling guilty. You know all that kind of stuff.

Alana: Yes.

Kirk: It is really the same energy. We can transcend that and become more and more of who we actually always have been.

Alana: Yes. Imagine a human being when they experienced pain. They are able to separate from the pain by having an inner observer who recognizes that the pain is just the indicator of a symptom, and to applaud that it exists. The pain then points them in a direction that teaches them about something they wish to embrace and have in their life. In other words, when we look at ourselves so finitely, we then miss the experience to really understand what our beings are wishing to share with us.

Kirk: That is a very practical principal that anyone listening today can use. Even if we do feel ourselves getting stuck in thoughts that are whatever we would consider to be negative, we don't have to stay stuck. We can acknowledge that those thoughts are wanting to point us to our deepest and most important core values, that which is most important to our beings. With that awareness, we can then release the energy, get the message, and turn towards that which we choose to create.

Alana: Yes. That is an equilibrium and balance, and essentially that is freedom...

Part 3

Kirk: So when you look at 2001 and beyond, but especially 2001, that whole shift from control and power to personal equilibrium, personal freedom, you see that as...

Alana: ...the prime core intention that is springing forth in 2001. And what that brings about is more freedom of expression. Universally we are in a year that has much to do with expression, communication, and experimenting with our enthusiasm so we can wake up our senses.

Kirk: Great, so Alana I wonder if you would give just a quick summary and then we will conclude this special audio issue.

Alana: Well in summary there is much that will be happening upon the planet and to recognize that sometimes when you shake things up a little bit appearances can look confusing. It may appear to many people that there is quite a bit of chaos happening. But this is a symptom of a desire to bring about balance and to experience harmony. Also it is about letting go of things that we have been doing for generations, or from time to time, that no longer work for us. So we are looking for new ways of doing things, and ways to bring about simplification, effectiveness, and also moving into a state of balance.

It feels like family values are going to strengthen and more communication is going to be important. And also there could be some transitions with education in a sense. There could be experiences of new vocations. There could be opportunities opening up between countries to trade with each other and to share and barter. The whole Internet as well as other technologies could open up new avenues of healing and bringing about a greater sense of wealth and well-being. Be aware when others wish to project upon you their agenda or what they feel is the right way, because each individual has to go within and find their own truth.

Alana has much more I could say about the coming year, and much more that I could share, but just tune into your hearts, and follow your heart path. Pay attention to others and treat them with dignity and respect, because what you share of yourself with another is also a vibration that will come back and bless you. And know that as you turn towards that which you choose to create with all of your heart, that your future will take care of itself.

Alana is very excited to be apart of your life as heart expresses in this world and more love is shared, so thank you for the opportunity to come forth and express in this way.

Kirk: Well, thank you very much Alana.

Alana: You are very welcome dear one, and thank you.