New Millennium and Earth Changes

Question: I am wondering about the new millennium, what will happen to us, the human race. Should we believe what the government and media tell us that we have nothing to worry about, or will it be as I fear, that our basic needs will not be served because government and industry have not taken the measures to keep us safe? I believe that we all should take measures to sustain ourselves and our families for an extended period of time. Is this true or am I creating a panic within that is not warranted? I am anxious for your insight in this matter. God Bless you always.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing this important question to Alana.

Alana is excited to communicate on this topic.

To be specific and give essential information, Alana wishes to say that the millennium is a grand mixture of many different feelings, intentions, and thoughts coming together in one grand time. Now, recognize, dear one, that the shift from one millennium to another is a gradual energy. In other words, it isn't like turning on a light and then there it is. It is a gradual energy that happens over many months.

There is some concern with the computer situation throughout the world. But, collectively there has been much progress and much has been accomplished. So, really, what Alana feels is that the more progressive countries will be quite prepared. But, the countries that have the more primitive technologies will have some confusion. But then, their dependency on computers is less. So, in other ways, there will be less confusion.

Alana feels that the most important thing to remember in any change, anytime, or in any possible event, is to focus on one's own thoughts and intentions. Because, you see, collectively what we think about expands.

So, dear one, what Alana suggests is that you see your family in love, you see your family with light, you see your family with ease, and you see your family with joy. In other words, hold images within your nature of what you would like your future to be like.

When a collective bunch of individuals get caught up in fear it is like predicting an outcome before it has occurred. You see? So, what is important is to keep your vision and keep your sight on what you would like to create. And hold others able. Hold the government able to do what is best. Yes, sometimes the government gets confused, and sometimes the government gives mixed messages. But, it is in the best interest of all to keep our planet stable and healthy.

So, people do not collectively wish to create chaos. It is that individuals begin to think chaos and the thought is passed from one to another to another and then we have a collective confusion. The best way to create simplicity, wholeness, happiness and really move towards the direction that the millennium, on a whole wants, is to hold within yourself good thoughts.

Always follow your heart, dear one. If you do feel like you want to take some steps to prepare for any emergency or crises, then educate yourself. You see? But always hold a thought of the best and that thought will fuel the future.

Alana will talk more on the millennium and different topics in the future. But, this is about all we have time for in our short question and answer period. Alana wished to give you some key essential information.

So, dear one, thank you for your question.