Home Business Career - Blending Vision with Practicality

Question: After making a long thought out decision, my partner and I made that leap of faith, for my partner to follow his dream, leave his secure job, and trust in the universe. He is a computer wizard, and that is his dream, but a home business career has not worked out. With five kids to feed, we are worse off now than before. Nothing has turned out right, no matter how much positive thinking we've been doing. This was not a decision we came to lightly, yet now it's back to the same old grind, and no fulfillment. We could use your spiritual guidance on how to find career satisfaction and monetary gain.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing your question to Alana.

You are bringing a question that is very important. This is because we can follow our dreams, follow our hearts, and follow our vision, but unless we have a practical actions--or let's say an educated approach to help us bring about our dreams--at our enthusiasm isn't enough when the reality sets in on how the outer world is able to accept and benefit from our creations. So, Alana is delighted you brought this question forth. There are a few things I would like to contribute which may help you and add perspective, as well as help other individuals.

When you begin a new adventure--when you are all creative and excited inside with the vibration of your energy and your enthusiasm-- you can carry the birth of a the new project. After a little bit, you may feel as though you are being tested, or challenged, to stay committed and focused. This is because the outer world is still adjusting to this new image. When external feedback brings this kind of vibration it is very important to still hold your great vision, and to still think big. It is also very important to invite and invoke into you the various components or players within a business structure to ensure its success.

Often, when people start a new business they become "worker bees". They work very, very hard. But sometimes they forget to look up and see their idea in a very objective way. They forget to see it from the place of a manager, and what a manager would do with a business. They forget to look up and see it as an entrepreneur would (I'm meaning the larger vision). They sometimes get very task oriented and burn themselves out.

Alana has been introduced to a book that I feel could be beneficial, or could answer some of the problems that occurred for you. This book is called The E-Myth Revisited. Find this book, dear one, and read it. You may discover what happened within your business that kept it from growing at the pace you wished it to. Running a business requires a big, broad awareness to sometimes get past the first stages. The business then needs help to grow into the second stages then the third stages. Behind enthusiasm, are practical actions that assist success.

It is delightful to have your vision, but it is most important to back it up with an awareness of knowledge, and blend that knowledge with your enthusiasm. Then, have your enthusiasm get excited about educating yourself in how to make your business expansive--how blend your entrepreneurial vision, technical skills, and management abilities, along with delegating to optimize energy.

Do some research and go and study this book. Alana feels the content could solve some of the dilemmas in your situation and help your business be successful. When Alana feels you, I do feel that you have the knowledge and capability within you. I feel it is just about expanding your understanding and education a bit to gain more knowledge about how to have different hats on in your business, have them run smoothly, and to create the synergy that is necessary.

I wish to encourage you to continue to learn more. I feel that it still is important for you to follow your heart and to pay attention to your dreams. Balance this with what you feel you need. What you feel is important, and what you feel, you desire. Blend this with practical action and delegate to those who have skills to help fuel the success of the entrepreneurial business.

Thank you, dear one, for this precious question. I do wish you well. Please know that Alana will be present with you within your heart and continue to guide you.